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Thursday, January 18th 2018 View Blog
Urethral sounding...x
No fetish really ever goes out of fashion, it simply dips below the radar for a while. On this note Urethral Sounding/Urethral play/sounding rods seem to be the in thing according to the amount of you that are asking about it in appointments.
I have added a few general questions & answers that cover the basics but as with everything, if in doubt give me a shout.

Q - Do you do Urethral sounding play?
A - Yes

Q - Does it hurt?
A - Experience is the key, when done properly it doesn't hurt, make sure that you find an experienced person that will talk you through the basics, take your time, remember safe, sane & consensual.

Q - Do you have sounding rods that I can use?
A - I have new & unused complete sounding rod sets that come in a case, along with a tube of sterile lubricant & sterile wipes.
To use these you would need to add £27.50 to the cost of your appointment which is the cost of purchasing a kit. you would then have your own kit to use in appointments, this can be left with me or taken with you when you leave.
Sounding rods are classed as personal equipment & should never be used by more than one person, they need to be sterilised & handled with surgical gloves to keep the play safe & reduce any chance of infection. Remember that they are being inserted into a very sensitive area that needs proper care.

Q - What is Urethral sounding/stretching?
A - The penis is basically a muscle, as with everything designed to stretch it needs to be taught. Urethral sounding is the insertion of items into the urethral canal (the hole where you urinate/ejaculate from), Urethral stretching is inserting said items to stretch the Urethral canal. Specially designed rods called sounding rods are offered up to the urethral canal & allowed to slide down the canal inside the penis. Gravity then takes control, the rods are weighted to give them a natural flow when sounding. Each rod varies in size & are usually double ended to allow 2 sizes per rod, the ends of the rods are tapered to allow easy insertion & stainless steel versions in my opinion are the best to use. The rods should never be forced as this can cause discomfort, pain & tearing.
Like everything new, slowly does it.

Q - Can anyone do sounding?
A - Males & females both have Urethral canals so the answer is yes. In women it is slightly more complex because the area is smaller but generally if you are wanting to give it a go then don't just dive into it. It is classed as medical play which like all things new in Bdsm means do your homework.
Read up on/research/join discussion groups/ the more the better, you can damage the Urethral canal quite easily if you are not careful, if in doubt, give a shout out to somebody who has experience in this area.

Safety first......
*NEVER insert anything into the Urethral canal that is not designed to go in there. (If you ignore this I want to see photos, I do enjoy a laugh whilst having a coffee)
*ALWAYS use Lubricant, preferably a sterile lubricant designed for medical use.
*Sterilise everything, submerge sounding stainless steel rods in boiling water & remove with forceps/tongs. Allow to drain/dry/cool naturally before insertion, stainless steel retains heat pretty well, if in doubt put your penis on a radiator that's been on for a while, you'll soon get the idea.
*Safe, sane & consensual or it shouldn't happen, stay safe, play safe, & above all else, have fun with your fetish...x
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Thursday, January 18th 2018 View Blog
Tour of Twickenham Stadium
Hello my loves!
Your week is nearly ending, mine has just begun........ ;) As soon as I checked in the phone was busy. I was having fun with a gent before I could go for lunch! Then straight after a curry, I was with a client offering to show me round the stadium, as I'm new to the area! Looking forward to being bent over the seats, just imagine if I was caught by security. Would be a lot of fun, if they joined in too! ;) I've never had such a warm welcome. Bodes well for the rest of my stay.
Look forward to meeting you,
Lots of kisses
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Thursday, January 18th 2018 View Blog
Slightly Disappointing
Well 3 days into my 1st week of UK tour and have to say Ive had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful guys.

Taken for dinner last night and have to post a funny scenario...being a Paddy I ADORE spuds (potatoes) so was so looking forward to my dinner date at a steakhouse........WELL!!!!!! how difficult it proved to finda simple menu with some sort of spuds...VERY.

Arrived at a beautiful restsurant, drcided to have a drink at the bar while browsing through the menu...NOT 1 DISH HAD SPUDS... well that was it we were off after a swift drink... I wont babble on but needless to say eventually found the most beautiful place and where the chef actually served extra portion of beautiful spuds.

Ok so theres a negative Im afraid, lots of guys booking and then not showing ,I make allowances, but its extremely frustrating to get prepared,excited and then left sitting having to access porn to alleviate the urge..

Am looking forward to the weekend and hope it will be busy... think I must be the only lady who wakes up with 'morning glory' without a cock and have to pleasure myself while watching lesbian porn....oooh slightly wet just writing this.

Tune in at end of week for next update

Scarlett xx
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Thursday, January 18th 2018 View Blog
My first week on Adultwork
Hello everyone I hope you're having a good week so far, I have been on here a full week now and i am slowly working my way around the site and getting my profile up to scratch. I've had mostly positive experiences from the people who have contacted me with only a couple of people sending rude and bullying messages. I've met some lovely gents and I have been very well treated by them. I had my first social date yesterday, it was booked a little last minute as the gent had been let down by the lady he'd originally booked, we had a delicious meal at a tapas restaurant in Fitzrovia then a show afterwards, our next date has been booked for when he's next in the city. I am having a great time so far on here and can't wait to see more of you naughty girls and boys soon Amelia x
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Thursday, January 18th 2018 View Blog
Sissy Sarahs new journey
So my sissy Sarah is starting a new journey in her life and she has written a blog for me to put up here for you all to see :)

My journey:

For about 7 years i have had submissive feelings and to be honest i have never been good at dating women. During those seven years i have dabbled with crossdressing. To a point now where i wear a wig when dressed up and call myself Sarah.
About five years ago i contacted BlueMistress on Adultwork and she began to dominate me giving me various tasks to complete. I have gone from wearing just panties to basques and stockings to mini skirts and blouses and gone out in them.
I have also been held in chastity several times and after the initial discomfort i have found my sex drive dropping. The longest period being 3 months. During that time my cock did shrink. Then when released i struggled to get hard and when i did it was several times before i could cum.
I am now smooth and waxed thanks to BlueMistress and under her training and above all friendship very submissive. Enough that without prompting i have wished to continue the journey and become more feminine.
To do this i am just starting hormones to grow breasts and shrink my cock and testicles.
Now please do not get me wrong i find no man attractive. But my submissive nature and feeling that woman are stronger than men makes me wish to serve.
With any luck i shall start to grow breasts and my cock and testicles will shrink and i will no longer get hard. But take pleasure by servicing ladies with my tongue to start with. Then if BlueMistress wishes to have men use me as a cum dump.
I will keep you posted via BlueMistress with photos and if all goes well a joint profile where BlueMistress can offer my time for reward.
In the meantime please see my photo in the gallery and if anyone is interested in giving me cock let BlueMistress know.

Yours Sissy Sarah

I feel very proud of Sarah as she has come a long way so heres to sarahs new boobs and smaller cock

Bluemistress xx
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Thursday, January 18th 2018 View Blog
...we are all different.With different desires, hobbies,passions,preferences,body types,opinions, personalities, expectations etc. This makes us be so wonderful and unique !
Thanks to my DNA , my education and probably to my profession, I can treat people according to all the particularities that define them as human being. It's an authentic and natural dedication and a challenge to my pshychological and physical skills. This thing requires an extra effort from me to know you, find out your wishes, hidden fantasies and all the details that can bring you total satisfaction .This makes an enormous difference between an insensitive sexual toy and a special erotic and emotional experience with a woman. This is what I offer to those men of discernment, well-mannered , passionate , who have the ability to distinguish the opposition between the two aspects.
I asked many of you " why you don't update any information about yourself in your profile?" I would really like to know what your favourite things are ( from erotic desires to music, drinks, colours etc), without having to ask you . Do you think it's not important what you really enjoy ? For me - it's vital . As long as you pay for something , my opinion is that you must be offered THE BEST.
We all know that we live in a century of superficiality and indifference. But we are still some "old-fashioned"-haha!- ladies on here who really care if you are happy or not .

Have a great weekend ahead everyone !

Natalia xxx
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Thursday, January 18th 2018 View Blog
Hi you sexy guys, this is my 1st blog of the New Year, and just got to tell you guys about my really naughty morning. Ive had my best friends husband round to give me a price on having the house decorated. I know he fancies me but never gone further than a little flirting, but I certainly got dressed for him coming round. A very short mini skirt with a tiny red G-string (love red), a silky see through blouse and no bra. ( MMMM I know) You guys who have cammed with me, know I have very dark big nipples, so not a lot to the imagination there. I made him a cup of tea, teasing him all the more, while he couldn't take his eyes from my tits, and I could see his semi hard on. I just took his hand and put it up my skirt and let him feel how wet that pussy was, it was making me so horny knowing I shouldn't be doing this with him, I dropped to my knees and took out that delightful rock hard cock and started wanking it over my pretty face, he was begging me to take it in my mouth and deep throat him, while I was pleasuring my dripping wet pussy. I took his throbbing cock right down the back of my throat and felt his explosion of cum within 5 seconds, (yum love the taste of spunk). what a delightful morning, oh and I got mates rates (very minimal)for the decorating, BONUS. Just cant wait for him to start the job for more fun, watch this space. Going to be really naughty now and phone his wife, just for a girlie chat. NAUGHTY FILTHY BITCH. catch you guys on cam or phone soon xxxxx
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Thursday, January 18th 2018 View Blog
Yearning for a tall drink of water...
... Or anyone bigger than me! I've been musing about my day-to-day.

The usual challenges:

Balancing on chairs to get to the top pantry shelf.
Taking 15 mins to change a duvet.
Can't take full-body selfies, arms too short!
Struggling to open big doors.
Can't move furniture.
Can't carry much home from the shop.

I think I'll need to take on a domestic slave but quiet ones that don't require constant validation/correcting are hard to find and I hate having to get up to whack someone with the wooden spoon every five minutes.

In other news: What the absolute Emily Davidson is this weather about?? Sun, rain, snow, lightning. The only constant is the freezing cold! So grateful public transport to mine is unaffected. I've stocked up on hot chocolate supplies, do ask if you fancy one when you visit! It's the really good stuff! I highly recommend rum in hot chocolate as a change from Irish coffee if that's your usual.

Anyway, wee bit of random thought splurging over, stay toasty all!
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Thursday, January 18th 2018 View Blog
Life of shenanigans continues
This past weekend I hosted a cuddles and play parties.

Wonder what is it? Imagine a...group GFE!

A bunch of peeps socializing and cuddling together in a safe setting.
Skin gets initially stimulated by gentle touch.
Some peeps enjoy just that, and are just happy to just sit in the cuddle piles.
For someone else, the skin starts to become warmer and hotter...other body parts become warm as well.

These last people start to move upstairs, in the area where sex and play of many sorts can happen.
Here, the cuddle piles become sexy.
Wetness and hardness start to build up in the rooms.
Cuddle piles become hot naked body piles.

At a certain point I saw seven bodies all on top of each other in my room! Not sure how the bed supported all the weight...

Group events can be very fulfilling, especially if you go with friends. Check out your local scene!
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Thursday, January 18th 2018 View Blog
Yummy Breakfast xx
Chestnut mushrooms,spinach,tomatos and more yummy ingredients to make a super salad for breakfast.
Good morning.
I love beans on toast like the next individual however,a super salad for breakfast really does make my day.
With a light yet healthy vibe of Spanish sherry vinegar on my salad?
Gosh...very filling and tasty with that extra zesty vibe.
I have completed 25 miles endurance jogging this week...my aim is 50 miles by Sunday which is doable.
I have uploaded some new photos today,I am not back to my day job until February, so January is>>>>> fun time.
I am really looking forward to this year,a lot of good stuff and more.

Through this fabulous website I have met a certain someone very recently who is quite something,I mean this in a nice way.
Moving on..
I'm not a fan of the current Mayor for London, he just reminds me of magnolia paint,all just very "meh", say what you like about Livingston, at least he expressed passion and indignation at xyz.
The last one?
Well,in my humble opinion, Boris was never truly interested in London vibes,A stepping stone to wherever is now I dare say,plus his foppish bumbling vibe I think was an act to fool in his view,the "hoi-polloi".
Of course,in life we undertake roles with our eyes on a bigger prize,still...!
Back to the current one..
Magnolia:-)nothing wrong with Magnolia it's just..."there".
Do you know the party I vote for?
The English Ebony Babe party.

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