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Tuesday, April 24th 2018 View Blog
Replying to your messages
Hi guys,

I’m sorry I haven’t been very good at replying to your messages. I will get round to it as soon as I can.
I’ve been so busy lately that meets have taken a back seat for now.

My manyvids is taking off so I’ve been concentrating on this since I hired a professional videographer to shoot every month (he edits it to professional level also). Between that custom videos and get my own fan page for meets going I haven’t been on much only to webcam. I’ve also other projects I’m working on. At present I’m unsure as to when I can start offering fan meets again due to these commitments but will Post when I know on my page and create a tour..

Strawberryblonde (107) Escorts - Click to book
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Tuesday, April 24th 2018 View Blog
What's going on?
I'm now at my 'peak' off season weight reaching 55kg and as big as a dress size 10. Food intake is now being reduced so I can lean up in preparation for an event at the end of summer. In previous years I've had a lot of weight to lose this year, as the result of stricter attention to diet I've minimised the rebound so I could start from a much better position.

Over winter I've updated my galleries a couple of times each month, sometimes as frequently as weekly and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

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Tuesday, April 24th 2018 View Blog
Fantasy Thoughts
So this is a fantasy I sometimes think about, I get very turned on when I go for a photoshoot and I often find myself longing for the cameraman to fuck me after so far in. I love to get my pictures taken, you arrive, make some small talk and flirt a little, and then you begin. Its a transition from say taking a few provactive sexy pictures, too getting completeley naked, up against this, bent over that, posing in all sorts of different positions lol.

I think this is what makes me feel more horny, and when I then catch a glimpse of the cameraman looking at me lustfully, the only thoughts going through my mind are drop the camera and get over here.

Lorna_Blu (16) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Tuesday, April 24th 2018 View Blog
Jeans and Feet
Hello my horny Friends,

I had a rather unusual experience a couple of weeks back that showed me that tastes really do vary! It was an overnight visit to someone I had seen years back, in my Charlotte Spencer days. Owing to a neighbourhood watch scheme that my friend Mark claimed ran training courses for the KGB, he asked that I be discreet on arrival. That is a given with me, I am the soul of discretion as a matter of course, but then he threw a minor spanner in the works by asking me not to bring a large overnight bag. I do like to have something a little more alluring for when we get behind closed doors, you see, so the two requests was a little challenge for me, but after a bit of wardrobe planning I was very pleased with the results, so pleased in fact that I asked him to take the photoset you see here so you could get the benefit of it!

The black leather jacket is the height of modesty in some ways, but when you consider how many people are fans of leather in a more intimate sense, it hints nicely at a slightly lively persona. That and the way its sheen catches the light - I don't think I've ever seen a female chest that didn't look a little better in leather, don't you agree?
So, in my mind the Lorna who turned up at Mark's door was outwardly respectable with a hint of horny, which is pretty much me to a 'T'! He certainly liked the look, and willingly took on the role of photographer. He led me the way to a spare room he had got ready for me for changing purposes. Of course, there was a bed in it, which came in handy, so to speak. But I'm getting ahead of myself!

I like my opening look of leather jacket and boots with blue jeans, it's something timeless, demure and also nicely figure-hugging. There's also a certain knowing expression in that photo - I know he wants to have me, he knows that I am metaphorically walking into his lair which means I'm going to let him - and that photo captures the delicious tension where we both know we are going to fuck...I know I get undressed in the later photos, but that is the picture I would like to be in if I was the guy. What do you think?

I'm smiling in the next shot when I take the jacket off because I'm really pleased with what I am wearing underneath. A nice low neckline, it's informal, a good fit and it has that tasteful light embroidered pattern that naturally draws the eye to the centre of my chest. (Or maybe it isn't that that draws the eye there, but it certainly gives the eye an excuse to be looking in that direction!)

The knee raised shot was a little in-joke - Mark had told me he quite fancied having a knee-trembler with me up against the wall. Things got a little naughtier after that, and as my clothes started coming off the respectable, demure Lorna vanished as we got into our photographic foreplay. The unusual experience started about the time my jeans and panties came off. I couldn't peel the jeans down while the boots were still in place, but once I was naked from the waist down (I decided I was keeping that top on as long as I could!) I saw a slightly quizzical expression crossing his face. There isn't a photo of this, but right after that first shot where I'm kneeling, facing away from the camera, Mark leaned over and kissed the sole of my foot.

I've never done that before,' he said, 'do you mind if I do it some more?'

It startled me a little, but I told him it was fine by me, so after each of the next few shots he would kiss my foot. It tickled slightly, but it was very pleasant, and the idea I was opening up a new area of sexuality for him started to get to me, if you know what I mean. Though to be fair, part of the turn-on came when he took a picture of me with both feet and my bottom showing. I put my hand onto my bottom, pulling the cheek gently to one side, and after taking the photo Mark moved to the bed, kissed my left foot, then my right, then I felt the warmth of his breath as he moved up my thigh, and delicately put his tongue into my bottom. It was quite a turn on, and my immediate reaction was to turn over and play with myself a little, slipping fingers into my moist pussy in anticipation of him entering me.

Mark had unzipped by now and was stroking a nice, uncircumcised cock, but although I was expecting him to pounce on me, he asked if it was ok just to carry on like that. Again, I said it was fine, provided he didn't mind me filming it! We quickly set up the camera, then I laid back on the bed, whispering sweet but dirty nothings to him as I offered my feet to him as a target for his 'tribute'. A good, hard fuck is always welcome, but there was a delightful intimacy to the situation. I looked on approvingly while a man who fancied me couldn't help but masturbate at the effect my body was having on him. I told him I needed his spunk on my toes, then looked straight into his eyes as he made himself orgasm for me. Generally, I like to see the outcome itself, but in this case, I enjoyed watching the way his expression changed as he ejaculated onto me. I didn't need to see to know that he was coming in a long ooze of hot juice that flowed over the top of my foot and between my toes, some dripping onto the bedclothes as I wiggled my toes to spread his sperm further.

There was such a lot of his semen on my feet that I thought I might have to fall back on "there are other things we can do", but I needn't have worried! We had a gorgeously horny night, with two nice, hard fucks and a lot of oral action. He didn't say much about our opening session, but I'm hoping that we have another session soon. I'm dying to see what happens when I give him a foot job!

Enjoy the pics!

Love Lorna Blu xxx
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Tuesday, April 24th 2018 View Blog
Wrestling for Sensual Pleasure
Wrestling can be classed as a fetish. Some wrestlers are dominatrixes who offer wrestling as a form of domination, and some wrestlers from a sporty background find they enjoy the domination aspect.

The range of sex fetishes is extensive and includes something for just about every taste. One of the more popular sex fetishes involves wrestling, either as a spectator or a participant sport. Men who enjoy this particular fetish may need to take appropriate penis care steps when engaging in it, but it can provide a worth while erotic thrill for many.

It's actually quite easy to understand why wrestling has a sensual appeal for many men. After all, the activity involves participants who typically wear little clothing or, alternatively, skin tight clothing; in either case, their bodies are prominently on display. The exertion in wrestling creates sweat and grunting, which mimics the feeling many men encounter during rigorous sexual exercises. And the bodies of the participants are writhing and twisting in a manner which is easily described as sexual.

While many men watch wrestling, either male or female, simply for the fun of watching an over-the-top kind of sporting event, many also enjoy the arousal that such viewing creates. And while many men who participate in wrestling do so with absolutely no sexual interest, some others find that the close body contact does lead to intense excitement.

Defining exactly when an interest becomes a fetish is difficult; however, it seems logical that if a man watches or participates in wrestling primarily because it causes him to feel sexually engaged, he is indulging in a wrestling-based fetish.

There is nothing wrong with this, providing that the circumstances are such that any actions he takes in terms of sexual engagement occur in an appropriate consensual setting.

Some times a man may pay to wrestle with a woman, with the explicit understanding that he is going to get sexually excited by doing so and may act on that excitement. Similarly, a man may also opt to pay to watch two other people wrestle, with the understanding that he intends to masturbate as he watches. In either case, the wrestlers may or may not be clothed, depending upon the arrangement made in advance.

Of course, many times two partners may participate in sensual wrestling on their own, as part of their own lovemaking. In such instances, the partners need to set their boundaries as to what is acceptable and what is not.

Nude wrestling. Both participants are naked - and perhaps well oiled for an added sensual touch. They engage in attempts to "pin" the other to the mattress. The winner then gets to determine the next step, such as oral sex vs. intercourse, or perhaps which position the couple will use.

Strip wrestling. Partners start out clothed and remove the opponent's clothing as they wrestle

ANNAAROMA1 (501) Escorts - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Tuesday, April 24th 2018 View Blog
The Royal Birth.
Hello everybody,
Well, we have good news,, another Royal baby and its a boy. Such good news and does'nt the Princess look gorgeous. Especially after just giving birth, she looked amazing. I suppose the next thing to happen is the odds on which baby boy's name will be chosen, my money is on James or Charles. Will be interesting to see, and it does give us all something to talk about .
What a coincidence that the new Royal baby was born on St, George 'day!! Oh, and Shakespears' birthday also. Lets hope all bodes well for a wonderful future for the little one . So, all in all we have good news this spring .
Makes life that much more pleasant .
Enjoy everyone love Anna xxxx
Love2Love (105) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Tuesday, April 24th 2018 View Blog
One Day At A Time
Looks like that burst of radiating hot weather we experienced last week has passed and we are now back to regular spring weather. It was fun while it lasted, I was very pleased to get out in some of my pretty floaty summer dresses and enjoy the sun on my back whilst I shopped, socialised and went about my everyday life. I cant believe its only a week or so until we are in the month of May! Time sure does fly by.

But for now at least it looks like I'll have to find some other way to occupy myself until this dreary wet weather subsides. Chocolates, Movies and maybe some vibrator pleasure too I think the worldwide usage of vibrators must go up when the weather is poor haha.

Daisylovescuddles (0) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Tuesday, April 24th 2018 View Blog
A day with Daisy
Heyyyy guys I’m new to all this so bare with me ;)
Started off with a lot of emails last week some standard some a little unusual but it didn’t phase me I actually like the variety of requests.
Been to work today, bit slow so I have come home to get cracking with some pictures on my private gallery
Just having a swim in a nice hot bubble bath so may as well begin here and move on to the next room.
Lots of ideas for my private gallery. Very excited 😜
Feel free to take a peek.
Lots of love
MISSKINKYKATRINA (2944) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Tuesday, April 24th 2018 View Blog
Hello boys

Oh I so love a bit of from behind sex .....

There's nothing better than being knees up, arse up and drilled from behind as Mr A so eloquently puts it. I love just being there, legs spread as wide as possible waiting to feel that cock slide in. He feels so deep, so big, so wide and I so love being drilled filled. You show me a woman who doesn't love taking it that way.

I love it when there he is doing his thing and he grabs my arse so hard and urgently and boys, that's A LOT of arse to grab.

Off on holiday next week boys. I'm hoping they'll be a whole lot of arse grabbing going on.

Kat x

spunkaddict (95) Escorts - Click to book
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Tuesday, April 24th 2018 View Blog
Trailer trash w/kend away feedback.
Hi guys,well what a lovely hot three days away that was,aswell as getting a tan and viewing lots of American classic cars i also viewed,tasted and felt some lovely stiff cocks at first hand !.Thanks to those guys that visited me and gave me my fix !
Going to fill you in on some filthy details now about 2 guys that visited me in tandem one afternoon.They had parked their yank classic up about two bays from us and were putting up their tent,I was sat in my easy deck chair sipping my wine with my long T shirt on,nothing else,my tits were falling out of the sides,anyway they seemed to be having a little trouble finding some gear,tent pegs to be precise,i could hear them chatting about them,so I did the neighbourly thing and asked them if they needed anything,i suppose looking back it was the wrong thing to ask 2 horney guys,well you can guess what their answer was but apologised straight away when seeing my hubby watching me,but I soon put them straight and told them there was no problem,my hubby then joined us with a handful off spare pegs,which they were most gratefull and that was that and hubby and i both returned to our bang wagon.
The evening drew in after we viewed all the cars and sat outside behind the windbreakers and drank some beers,i was just in my see through blouse butt shorts and stripper glass heels,when all of a sudden the 2 guys turned up with some beers for us,a sort of thankyou for helping them out.We offered them a sit down and drunk the beers with them,i knew they were horney the way they were looking me up and down,i made it obvious I was up for anything they wanted from me,hubby made things a little clear to them what I was about,yes the money side!,well they were all over me like a rash,i was just sitting there and these guys had my tits out and fingering me proper,each taking turns on parts of my body to lick and suck.I was wet and horney so I took both of them into the wagon where I gave them both the`DYSON` treatment,sucking on both pricks at once,i was now nude except for heels,they spit roasted me,each taking a turn from behind,then dpd me,both now giving me a ferocious stuffing and making me squirt big time,then they took it in turns to fuck the shit out of me on a 1-1 basis,while one guy was hammering me the other was outside having a beer with hubby,this went on for most of the evening,each one running a relay on me,i was in my heaven,i must have spunked over 12 times on these guys solid pricks up me and was gaping from both holes demolition.Anyway around the early hours of the morning they both gave their spunk up and covered me in cum,i had my`fix`,they both got their wallets out and cashed me in before retiring back to their tent.I was fucked out,hubby said that the bang wagon was rockin and a rollin and he could not believe how much fucking i took! especially from the level of ferocity of the hard deep banging I was subjected too,poor hubby had to listen to all that thunder clap pounding,but hey he knows what I am,a dirty fucking whore !
I will be posting some pics of me of the time I had away with another special guy that visited me,i have his permission to show you him at work on me,and l will blog you once again the filthy details of him using me. xx spunky

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