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Monday, June 25th 2018 View Blog
I am so excited!

I so can not wait for my first tour to Oxford on Wednesday. Its going to be great the phone is already going mad.

My quick visit up to Oxford has been booked and that is the only day I can do unfortunately, I just have to make the best of it.

I am going to be doing a Gangbang with my husband too! I think he is as excited as me to watch me writhing around with lots of hot men licking and fucking me!!!!

We will be doing meets too for those of you want to see me on their own.

See you all soon xxx
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Monday, June 25th 2018 View Blog
Daily Occurences in the Life of a MILF
I just love being a real life MILF but at times I doubt myself that I really that MILF like. We all have our moments of self-doubt but an event earlier today proved to me once again that I am a real bonified genuine MILF.
The event arrived in the form of a salesman who came to talk me into changing over my electricity provider. he was a gorgeous, and I mean truly fuckable young man of 24 years old. Now usually I don´t bother with these door to door sales but something about him hooked me from the start. He didn´t have the usual expected sleaze but he was forward and a little cheeky, something which I always fall for.
He came in to do the relevant paperwork, complimenting me on how well I look and that he could not believe my age. I could not help but flirt back. Now, although on cam I am never short of a word or two, in real life I can be a little shy and I am also an extrememly modest and respectful housewife...hahaha, you of course all know this, so for me to flirt back was something in itself. I tend to reject all offers apart from my young Latin lover but to be honest guys, he is getting very boring now and I need a change.
Anyway, I will get to the point. Now this might not be a biggie for some of you, especially those who like to think of me fucking the postman but this guy leaned forward as he was leaving and kissed me square on the lips! Truth! I was so shocked and I am sorry to say, I reverted to the respectable side of my nature and pushed him away.
Now, I am hopelessly horny, wondering what may have been and I have already been to bed once to make myself cum over the thoughts I am having.
Why did I let this one go?
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Monday, June 25th 2018 View Blog
Loving this sunshine!!

Just a post to say I am absolutely loving this sunshine! It is so hot again and it's amazing!! I am Sunbathing again!! 😍☀️
I could soo get used to this!! I wanna move abroad!! To a nice hot sunny country that's got palm trees and beaches everywhere ! In fact I wanna live on the beach! God that would be the life !! Walk out your door onto sand and go for a morning swim in the sea! I can't think of anything better , well apart from having somebody to fuck in the sea on mu morning swim!! Wow I love this sun! It's just so hot ! Haha. Anyway, I also want to say that if you have never heard of Cadillac three I recommend listening to them! They are a HILLBILLY RED NECK STOMPING MY FEET (I sang that in a hillbilly accent) anyway check them out because the sunshine and that band Is enough to keep you on a level of blissful amazingness :) one of my faves is Cadillac three white lightening. Check it out!!

Hope everyone's having a great day and enjoying the sun !!


Alliyah xx
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Monday, June 25th 2018 View Blog
Afternoon of fun
I had fun yesterday with the bf and will tell you a lil bit about it.

He popped over just before the game, now he aint a big footie fan but endured the game with me and wow what a game it was 6-1 just blew my mind . While the game is on the roast is being done n lets just say it was yummy hehe.

So the game finishes and we then scoot upstairs to the bedroom and have 4 hours of fun, hot delicious fun. There is a vid and a couple of photos of said fun, only thing is not of me but of him but hey I always have fun. Though am paying for it now though with that pleasant ache when you know you have been used and abused in the most fun way .

Anyway back to the funniest work I know today and am loving the weather as it makes you lovely gents nice and horny and oh yeah me too hehe.

musclemilf (415) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book
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Monday, June 25th 2018 View Blog
Shoe collection...
I have had a few requests lately for pics of my wardrobe and in particular my shoes and boot collection. Well here is a few of my shoes....my boots are stored on a separate rail. You can never have enough shoes and boot...!!!

Anyway hope you all had a good weekend and we won on Saturday in the rugby and then again the football on Sunday....so cant be bad!!!

I am mega busy this week but still have a couple of slots open. I still have no holidays booked but maybe in next few weeks I can look at booking a break somewhere.

Right I need to go and finish getting ready for today's client....have a great day and week ahead xox
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Monday, June 25th 2018 View Blog
Those of you who know me personally will know that in addition to escorting, I also study a pretty gruelling subject, with exams coming up in August.

Balancing this with a high sex drive is challenging at times! Sometimes I get so horny it takes over everything and my body just seems to radiate sex from deep within. I love it, but it can be very distracting and pervasive when trying to live a ‘normal’ life.

As well as blocking social media and other internet timewasters I have also resorted to blocking porn (I know!!) - well during daylight hours only ;)

Masturbation is a great way to procrastinate - especially when revision is getting tedious. A few years ago a friend introduced me to the hybrid word, procrasturbation - masturbating as a form of procrastination.

I am pretty sure this is why I just missed a 1st for my undergrad degree….

The heatwave also isn’t helping - it makes me so much hornier, which I think is something most people experience during the summer.

I’ve managed a week so far without taking cheeky daytime porn / wank breaks during revision and it’s not been so bad - it means when I have seen clients it is much more of an orgasmic relief as I am enjoying less orgasms than usual overall. So in that sense it’s good!

And my productivity and focus has improved somewhat.

However this morning I cheated a little and ended up having an orgasmic session with my Doxy wand (pictured) because I woke up so horny and couldn’t let it go….I never said I was perfect….. ;)
Busty-Duo (13) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Monday, June 25th 2018 View Blog
No knickers!
It's been so HOT that we have been both not wearing any knickers. So if you come along you will know what to expect haha.

We've spend today trying on some new outfits and taking lots of new pictures. We have some in the garden with the lawnmower.

We have just got a new fan for the bedroom as we will be doing a lot of days together over the summer but then going back to once or twice a month by Autumn.

We absolutely love working together so that's why our prices are so low for doubles. Girls just wanna have fun <3

WareWhoWhen (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Monday, June 25th 2018 View Blog
Six One
Hmmmm How long is a football match? How long is hubby away watching football..... longer than the match!
I guess he might have been home sooner had England lost? Or not, drowning one's sorrows might take just as long as celebrating a good win.
From what I understand there was a lot of "holding on". Hold on to that thought ladies. Imagine, how long can you hold on before you reach that moment of......I'll let you describe that moment in your own words, I might be able to try a poor imitation of the sound effects, mmmmmmm.
Tongue at the ready, always at the ready........ oh that mmmmmm sound, that's me licking my lips.
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Monday, June 25th 2018 View Blog
Second week
So its my second week on here, atm its a bit slow probably because I am so new and because there are so many hotties on here but I am enjoying it atm, currently not working after leaving behind my old 9-5 political office job and hoping I can make a stable income on here but if not its back to the drawing board.

I am 31 next month ahh and I am dreading it, at this time I was hoping to be settle in a nice house, not a flat, with a decent wage, a nice fella and more achievements to my name but hey ho I am still alive and hopefully lucky enough to see my 31st birthday, I am hoping it will be a sunny one like it has been over the past few days and I am hoping by that time I will be still on here, working from home and have a number of amazing people that i am talking to and entertaining.

Another thing I want to of achieved is my fitness and weight loss journey, as I am a fitness blogger I am sharing my journey through social media and I do not want to lose my curves however my aim is to get fitter, toned and healthy, I started this morning with a 3 mile run and a 30 minute Insanity workout and will continue this all week with Wednesday and Sunday off so the countdown has begun, my birthday is July 30th and the checklist is:

Weight loss
Earning a decent monthly wage
Number of new hot friends on AW

Let the countdown begin.
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Monday, June 25th 2018 View Blog
Diary of The Secretary(KayGeeGee)
Dear diary, my boss Mr Horn arrived for work today with his flies undone and I could see his big tool hanging inside , it made me smile and my dirty mind went into overdrive; was he playing with his cock in his car thinking about taking me in the office,
Me his Sexy Secretary squatting down and pulling his big dick out of his flies and getting my hot lips around his sexy cock . Taking it deep to the back of my throat while squeezing it hard at the stem, working it in and out deeper and tighter each time slobbering all over his head and my tongue wriggling into and around his cock , making me choke and gag on his big man meat. Was it going to be The best blowjob he ever had, was it going to be so erotic he takes me hard on the office couch in both my waiting holes while he tongues my mouth deep with the most sensual kissing or would it be such a good blow he just can’t contain himself and explodes all over my face dribbling down all around my mouth making his cum irresistible to me , so much so that I just have to lap every last drop of his lovely cum up.
Unfortunately I never got to find out and he said morning Kay went in his office and shut the door ...

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