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Monday, January 23rd 2017 View Blog
Home, sweet sweet home.
A home is only a home when you have your books in.

Someone said that. I also heard once someone saying that they don't trust a person without books. Gladly I have 2 blocks of shelves full of them. I love reading. From fiction, to essays to bios. Books are magical.

A place of mine has to have books and vinyls. And I sometimes spend days without reading or changing a record, but the feeling that they exist in my life is more than enough.

I have done the moving all by myself. In a week, I turned a empty, sad place into a home. The first thing that came in my suitcase was...books and vinyls. I had friends wanting to help, but I wanted to do it alone, and connect with my new walls and floors. To have the pleasure of silence while putting everything together.

It still needs work, when the Spring will come I will paint the walls. I still need a rug for my living room space and a I definitely need some frames up. The walls are very empty at the moment.

It took me 5 years of being in London to get my own place, and it wouldn't be possible without escorting. The rent in this city is absolute madness.

I lived from hostels, to shared bedrooms to shared houses, to warehouses. I love communities and living with people but I can, at times, be a lone wolf.

I left my parents home when I was 19 years old. In Portugal there is no culture of shared flats and comparing to London, the rent there is more affordable. I lived alone there until I came to London in 2011.

The pleasure of having things organised and clean as I used to in Lisbon, is incredible. I am not someone who would spend a whole day cleaning or tidying up, and I like spaces to look like someone lives there, instead of a museum, but I have a few standard requirements that are hard to achieve in communal spaces.

I have always been a very good host.

If you come around, I can guarantee that you will always have a hot drink to warm your hands (good quality coffee), clean sheets and towels (although they are not white like in hotels), a surprisingly comfy sofa, an enormous shower with more lush products than you and I together can use in a year, and a very silent romantic bed. You can go through my books and you are very welcome to pick up a vinyl.

My home is my sanctuary. It is also the place where I create, you might find 'work in progress' on top of my very old, very worn, but very beautiful table.

Come in with an open heart, and open chest to enjoy everything that my space has to offer you.


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Monday, January 23rd 2017 View Blog
Bumgasims ...😈 And Smoking fetishes
Hi Guys,
Taking a few days of to rest since Friday a girl needs to shave , tan, and prune herself in peace!!! 😉
Anyway, I was a very naughty girl last week I did numerous naughty things and had many a sexy encounter, I must say I'm loving my new clients and old 😂😘!!🎉🎉
Am going through latex gloves like there's no tomorrow and you guys just Gotta stop stealing my jungle juice haha that's expensive!! Bloody good stuff though 😉😈
Am a master at the art of bumgasims now 😂😂😂😂
Due to recent time wasting circumstances also I must notify you that if I am requested to do outcalls in future without a online booking that you shall be required to pay a deposit and likewise bookings done via the site shall take priority from here onwards
Thank you for your co-operation 😘 Have a great week everyone
Rose_xoxox (293) Performs on a Webcam - Available Now - Click to Book
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Monday, January 23rd 2017 View Blog
Birthday thoughts
Hi guys and gals!

Hope you're all well and are having a fab Monday. Today I am spending my day at home, relaxing on cam and having some fun!

So this Thursday it is my 23rd birthday! I can't believe I am turning 23, I know that is not "old" AT ALL but I can remember my 18th birthday like it was yesterday. Time goes so quick doesn't it!? I've achieved so much in the last few years and I am so proud of myself.

To celebrate my birthday this year I am going away for a long weekend, Friday-Monday, with a friend, to stay in a VIP luxury log cabin... With a private hot tub ;) I can't wait! I'm sure I will have lots of fun as the prosecco flows. I'll leave you all with the thought of me, tipsy, wet and naked in your heads - I hope it brightens up your Monday ;) Ha ha!

Have a great week,
hugs and kisses,

Rose xxx
TheHottestBabe (39) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Monday, January 23rd 2017 View Blog
Good Girls Dont Cry.
I had a light hearted experienced buying a skirt recently, I tried it on and all was fine. When I got home I found they had put the wrong size one in the bag. I used the skirt for some photos but it kept riding up over my belly and bum and exposing my sweet shaven pussy. The poor photographer did not now which way to look...bless his heart, he was old and probably past it so he pretended not to notice too much luckily. I actually found it a huge turn on the fact I was thrusting my pussy in his face but he kept looking down at the ground into his viewfinder and never glanced at me once. Now that was horny and I really wish he had brushed up against me even gently so I had an excuse to brush him back. Ah well, good girls don't cry xx
PrettyPussy (51) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Monday, January 23rd 2017 View Blog
Flowers Sent All The Way From Heaven.
Heavenly music from a talented musician such as Anya is something that lifts my spirits to higher levels of appreciation that there is a heaven and a hell. After all, it's only by knowing how bad hell can be that we can appreciate just how majestic and welcoming heaven can be. If I was asked to name one single item that makes me feel as if I am in heaven then I would say firstly flowers and secondly good relaxing music. The flowers win by a nose because the sense of smell for me is very important and awakens images from the past and memories long gone by. I'm one of these unusual girls who loves to walk through the graveyard and read the stones and admire the freshly laid bouquets. I love the history, the story from life to death and the happy and sad carvings on the grave stones to evoke memories of my grand parents and sorely missed friends. Yes, flowers are so beautiful and so picturesque that they must have come from heaven.
SexiestBrunette (35) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Monday, January 23rd 2017 View Blog
Sexual Overtures In Boots.
I'm normally a stockings and suspenders, high heels and short skirt kind of girl because I prefer the traditional look. However, I recently purchased the most high sexy boots from a top London store. The price was so enticing at 50% discount. I just could not resist. I even wore them home to break them in and I was staggered at the amount of looks I received. Mainly approving, but some disapproving from olden women. It made me feel like I was back at school again and had to dress to please my peers. I am looking forward to wearing them in a session.
1Ellena (131) Escorts - Click to book
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Monday, January 23rd 2017 View Blog
Happy Monday
Just a short little blog to say....AT LAST!!!!...my network provider is providing!!!

My relying on intermittent hotspot access via my 'phone is soon to be a distant memory.....

I can once again dance my dextrous digits across the keyboard freely ;) just about to update my profile page availability......which proved a dire deed via the phone....

The move before Christmas went very well indeed and the settling in continues.

I feel like I have newly entered the 21st Century and am abounded by the technical wizardry at my disposal...

No more stunted message replies and the internet laid bare before me......

I look forward to the week ahead...already promising some interesting highlights...... ooooooo yes!

I do like Monday morning..... :) xx
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Monday, January 23rd 2017 View Blog
roll play
so recently i have had a lot of requests on role play, and im very open minded to it..

it turned me on so much, the thought of just being someone completely different and catering to the mans needs.
i loved it.

if you like me to dom/ sub
catch you wearing my panties
humilate your small dick
play with my feet/ toes

webcam fun, sms role play, phone play, or snapchats!

use your imagination ;)

if you have any fetishes or anything you would like me to do, within reason. im open minded, please drop me a email. or sms. we can deffinetly have some fun x x
Kinky_Kurves (7) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Monday, January 23rd 2017 View Blog
Can you believe the month is nearly over already? After a weekend of sunshine and all be it a little chilly.. SUNSHINE!!! We wake up this Monday morning to a grey foggy sky! Even the weather is going FML its Monday again!

Mmmmm a warm cup of tea, a little bit of youtube (pornhubba hubba ) while getting ready and I'm good to go! Just getting ready for a lovely breakfast date with a gent in Guildford. Im really excited!! Im absolutely starving right now! I feel like in white chicks when the guy goes ill have some steak and chips and perhaps a salad for the lady!?! and shes like fuck that nicca!!! ill have everything on the menu!!!!!!

Imagine I actually done that to some poor bloke!! Shame the only place you can get a breakfast buffet is a hotel really :( sucks a little bit! But then again, you cant beat an eggs royal in the morning with a little bit of porridge or ofcourse a fully loaded English!

Gotta go now though didn't realise the time!! Have a nice day everyone xxx

MissGabrielleFox (161) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call
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Monday, January 23rd 2017 View Blog
Hard core Sunday
Yesterday I wore my pussy out :))
I think the word hammered comes into mind .
Lots of erotic filth .
Followed by a surprise visitor ringing my door bell asking do I fancy
a glass of champagne .
Temptation gets the better of me and of we trott !!
oh and one means five lol .
Having left the bar were we were the cheeky scoucer asks me
If he can fuck me outside .
Freeze my cockles out hear I reply .
As he rips my dress up and frusts his cock between my warm legs
Enjoying it but I'm slightly chilly boy can we make this a quick one !!
I no he likes me as his little sex doll but I'm freezing .

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