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asiangentleman (209)
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Saturday, November 18th 2017 View Blog
dream, believe and breathe.
Good evening all,

How is everyone doing?

Time is really flying by, I guess a lot of people will be getting ready to buy Christmas presents as well as Turkey to have during Christmas lunch or dinner with rest of the family members.

Walk outside on a clear night and just look up into the sky. Take a minute to realise you are sitting on a planet spinning around in the middle of absolute nowhere.

Sometimes it takes a bit of perspective to remember what`s really important. You are alive and you are here. You have the potential to be anything and be successful.

So let go of what`s holding you back and dream, believe and breather.
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Saturday, November 18th 2017 View Blog
saturday night..
weekend off work yet again..
staying in yet again...

my Saturdays..xfactor, takeaways suppose its not so bad...expect the annoying brother playing cod screaming down his mic to his friends because someone's camping or he's got shot, the other brother banging on the walls putting his shelf up...so much for a quiet night in that I wanted and never get!!, siblings are the worst...I cant wait to have my own space, do what I want when I want, Maybe then ill have my quiet night in ha! maybe one day my dream will come true...

maybe next week ill go out? or do I just stay in?

Whats your Saturdays like?...

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Saturday, November 18th 2017 View Blog
Naked with the TV Man
Last week me & Steve had a day off to do normal things at home & because we were upgrading our Sky TV so had to be in for when they got to us ... we just knew they were coming in the morning .

Steve was on the phone at his desk in our lounge when our door buzzer went at around 9.30am . I had just got out of the bath & had a towel on as i let the man in - i showed him in to the lounge where the TV is . He was very dishy looking in his early 30s i think . He went right to the TV to start work . I heard my phone beeping - it was on charge under a table next to the TV where we charge the phones - i went on all 4s to get it & felt my towel ride up to my waist . When i got up i offered the man a coffee - he said yes please - i went out to the kitchen to make the drinks .

As i was in the kitchen i heard the man talking to Steve ( he had finished his phone call - Steve was dressed ) . I heard him say ... your lady has a great looking Bum - doesnt it bother her knowing i had seen her Bum Hole & Pussy when she got her phone ?? . Steve said ... not at all - we are both natursists so spend a lot of time nude at home & abroad . The man said ... ahhhh ok - im a naturist too - i go to a naturist club in south London most weeks & sometimes go to Brighton for nude outdoors .

I came back in the lounge 5 mins later with coffees . Steve said ... he thinks you have a great bum . I smiled & said thanks to the man . The man said ... i couldnt help but notice - nice view of your pussy - im also a naturist .

I then took off my towel to be full frontal nude infront of him & steve . The man smiled big time . He said ... now that is a nice site early in the morning - you have a great body - great tits & very nice pussy . I thanked him for the compliment then sat down on the soffa with my legs wide open - i was starting to feel naughty lol .

The man sat on the soffa accross drinking his coffee - steve was still on his office chair at his computer . I said to him ... your welcome to stip off if you want & do the TV naked . He said ... are you sure ?? . Never done work naked before lol . Steve said ... yea of course its ok . I said the same - we both loved nudity any time . Seconds later the man was stripping off whilst i watched him - he had a great body with a large dangling cock with its head on full show & with some pre cum starting to drip out .

He said ... sorry about that - dont nomally have pre cum when im just nude . I got up & went to him - he was standing up - & put my hand on his cock to clean his pre cum off . He said ... god that feels good . I felt his cock twitch a bit as i held it .

We then sat back down to chat & finish the coffees before he got up to do the TV . A couple of mins later he was standing with a electric reader of some sort in his hand - his cock had gone to half mast & more pre cum was starting to cum out . I got up & went to him & said ... let me clean that off for you . I then went on my knees & put his cock in my mouth to taste his pre cum . Steve said ... now that does look very nice . I said ... it tasted fabulous . The man just stood there with a huge smile on his face & with his cock getting harder by the second as i likced to pre cum & sucked his big cock .

After 2 or 3 mins i stood up next to him - i was feeling very very horny . I said ... your not the only one who is wet lol - have a feel . He then put his hand between my legs & i felt his finger go inside me .

I then stood back & said ... i think we both needd to do something about all these fluids - follow me . I got hold of his hand & started to walk out of the lounge . I said to steve ... back in a few mins . Steve said ... have a great time .

Seconds later i was in the bedroom with the man then stood next to him - put my hand on his hard cock & started to kiss him as he felt my tits then my wet pussy - also having a feel of my bum .

I then got on the bed on all 4s with my bum towards him . He said ... do you like it up your arse then ? . I said ... no i dont but i love my bum licked . A second lateri felt his finger touching my bum hole then his tongue licking it whilst he fingered my soaking wet pussy .

Very soon after i turned round - got a condom from the draw next to the bed - put it on his rock hard cock then told him to lie on the bed on his back . I then crouched over his big cock & slowly inserted it in my waiting pussy .

I rode his cock for a while before i could feel it twitching more & more - i got off - took the condom off - then started to suck it till he exploded in my mouth . I swallowed some but of course spit the rest out .

A couple of mins later we went back in the lounge & told steve we had had a fabulous few mins - steve smiled big time - he loves me to have a great time with other men or women .

The man then did his work naked - i sat on the soffa with my favorite vibrator & fucked myself till i came - steve & the man watched me for the last few seconds as i came . The i lay back with a bif smile on my face .

Around half an hour later the man had finished his work . Steve was also naked by then & sitting next to me - i was feeling his cock . We said thanks to the man - then he left . Me & steve then went to the bedroom & had a fabulous half hour of sex ... he came withing 5 mins but spent the next 25 mins licking me till i came again .

It was a fab way to spend the morning lol xx Sasha xx
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Saturday, November 18th 2017 View Blog
On body hair
Now we’ve got that out of the way, here are some more detailed thoughts. Body hair is a controversial subject for women. Society presents smooth, hairless forms as the ideal beauty standard. Models, actresses, celebrities, porn stars – all the figureheads of desire are bald save their perfectly groomed hair and carefully plucked eyebrows (and occasional tuft of manicured pubic hair). In recent years there has been a move towards the normalising of female body hair, particularly underarm and pubic hair (still often groomed). The images we are seeing more and more frequently of body hair on women are met with mixed responses, and not just from men.

So much of what is portrayed as beautiful is curated to satisfy the male gaze, what do men want to see women look like? As a dominatrix I occupy an interesting position here: I present myself as an object of desire for men, but also I present as a powerful woman who does as she pleases. What happens when the expected convention is to shave body hair, but my desires are to grow it? I damn well let it grow!

Pubic Hair
Let’s take a look at different areas of body hair. First of all I stopped shaving my pubic hair, I trim, but no razor goes near my bikini line. I started doing this because shaving was a complicated procedure that (I realised) I was only doing to be perceived as sexy. It involved careful plotting, hours spent in the bathroom steaming, exfoliating, shaving and rinsing for one night of silky smooth glory. Then days or even weeks of itching, rash, stubble, ingrown hairs… it was awful. Trust me I tried everything but my body just didn’t like it. I would go as far to avoid dates on particularly rashy days – how silly to let the state of my body hair rule my sex life! So I stopped shaving and just trimmed and what a relief! No itching, no bloody rash, no careful scheduling of dates to always look perfect. I felt free to have sex whenever I wanted without fussing and fretting about whether grinding my cunt against anything would end in blood. Growing in pubic hair is easy though, only a select few ever saw this intimate body hair choice; and if a person baulked at a little hair between my legs they certainly had no place there.

Underarms were the next challenge. I wear vest tops often, and in sessions sometimes only bras. My armpits are significantly more visible. Helpfully there has been a movement towards normalising women with underarm hair for the past few years so I didn’t feel so alone, I could look at pictures of extremely sexy women with dark fuzzies under their arms and know that fact didn’t make me any less desirable. After curiously growing them to their full length I decided these should also be trimmed, not for any aesthetic reason, just because I disliked the feel of a clump of hair under my arms.

This quite quickly became normal, now I don’t even consider it when choosing what to wear, whether to raise my hands. On the odd occasion that a client comments on my underarm hair it comes as a surprise, I forget there would even be anything to comment on. And honestly, it’s soft, silky and holds my natural musky smell longer – what’s not to like about that.

Hairy legs
But next to the real taboo, hairy legs. Women with leg hair is not something I’ve seen positively portrayed in the media, have you? Have you seen a woman set up as a symbol of sexuality and desire who also has leg hair? It seems mysteriously lacking. So I started growing my leg hair. At first I was just curious, I’d somehow reached 30 and had no idea what my legs would look like if left to their own devices. Soon I noticed how much more sensation I had, I could feel the little hairs moving in the currents of my bath, in the breeze, and if someone runs their fingers gently up my shins…mmmm. I very quickly grew to love them, and how they symbolise that I am doing what I want with my body, not what I think I should do in order to be desirable. But I am conscious of what others think.

Not in day to day life of course, I couldn’t care less what any stranger on the street thinks. But I wonder how it looks in my marketing, the images I use to attract clients, to present myself as a desirable body for you to interact with. What do you guys think when you see my hairy legs beside the smooth calves of other dommes? And how would you feel if you came along to a session and upon instructions to worship my pretty feet, found soft little hairs just above them?

I hope you would realise these are the body grooming choices of a woman who is doing exactly what she wants, that these hairy legs belong someone who refuses to pander to your gaze, who refuses to go out of her way to shape herself into your fantasy. I hope you would see how strong a woman has to be to make these choices whilst succeeding in a competitive and materialistic industry. And I would sincerely hope that you were smart enough to get over the cultural conditioning you’ve been immersed in and appreciate the beauty of different grooming choices.

So if you get a chance to lick my hairy legs, you can be grateful that you are allowed to touch the leg of a woman who will take shit from no-one, a dominatrix who will do exactly as she pleases and to hell with what anyone else says is desirable.
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Saturday, November 18th 2017 View Blog
Salad Days Over & Funnies...Mrs R
Getting older is a fascinating thing. The older you get, the older you want to get.
Keith Richards

Middle age is the awkward time when Father Time catches up with Mother Nature.
Harold Coffin

It’s important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle!

Womanly Wiles
In her first bloom of midlife, Barbra Streisand was known to dabble in foreign affairs. Her unconventional approach did not go unnoticed. Former Secretary Of State once remarked, ‘She has outdone me ... could I have greeted Slobodon Milosevic by saying, “Hello gorgeous?” Could I have flicked my perfectly manicured fingers at his temples and said, “In my country, powerful men seldom have such thick hair”? I think not.’

Coming Undone
‘One of my shoelaces had come undone, I was just about to bend down to re-tie it... when I thought: If I wait until the other comes undone, I’ll only have to bend over once to tie-up both laces.’
Concluding: ‘Once you begin strategising to reduce the number of times you’ll have to bend down - you know your salad days are over.’
Toby Young

Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men.
Kin Hubbard. (Good for them, I say)

M x
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Saturday, November 18th 2017 View Blog
Blog 18/11
Hey guys how are you all doing?
Having sexy fun I hope !
2 things to bring to the blog today.
First is a big thank you for viewing my profile as I see its hit the 150,000 mark and that's great! Keep browsing the profile for new pics and new blogs. I've posted a new batch into my private gallery this morning from last night so some sexy new stuff to view.
Second is that I've just taken delivery of my new kind size bed! Yippee!!! For those that have visited you'll know the last one was tired out of the hard workload it had to put up with so finally I've got the new one in place. With a lovely headboard and solid mattress it was tested good last night and makes a great difference when you've got me underneath you and your fucking away at my ass!
So get in touch soon and let's have some sexy fun xxxx
Love you all as always , Kate xxx
BUSTY-MATURE (376) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Saturday, November 18th 2017 View Blog
Halesowen has been amazingly good for me and although I don't know the complete reason why I seem so popular I was told the following by one of my clients who took the time to see me here. He said that so many ladies offer cheap prices and then when you get there it's extra for everything and of course the whole session is then ruined. He told me that many girls claim to french kiss or do oral without and anal and there are so many pre-conditions attached to them that you end up not having those things and being disappointed. He said the main thing was that he already has a Queen (wifey) at home and she is very unadventurous and more interested in her own hobbies and work affairs then interest in him. She also does not do any of the dirtier services. He therefore picked me because he felt from the profile that I was a real slut and also my services list shows I do almost all services. He said why would he want a princess who was stunningly beautiful only to be told "sorry I dont french kiss or do oral without!". He therefore picked the lady who is on the face of it more expensive but who does not charge extras. He also picked the lady who will pamper him and do all the things his wife will not do! So do you want a beautiful princess who offers no real diry services? Or you want a tall Amazonian Goddess who is dirty as fuck and who loves to fuck and lick and suck?
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Saturday, November 18th 2017 View Blog
Sugar daddy wanted
my naughty mind is active again
I'm sat on a bus right now
surrounded by five older men
I'm sat on the top deck at the back.
Playing with my super wet pussy.
She needs a good fuck.
All I can think of is their big cocks fucking my ass off
Naughty I know
But I'm horny
Plus I love being on top.
Imagine me riding some face.
Lip licking good
All I can do is lick my lips and think about cock
How I long to taste that sweet taste
all theses cocks got me thinking
about having some naughty fucking fun

The scenario would be that
I turn up at your front door
Wearing nothing but a long fur coat.
Maybe even some sexy underwear.
Depending how naughty your are.
I love wearing stockings and suspenders.

My coat covers my nakedness only to my knees
I knock at your door three time.
then I start to unbutton the top of coat
As to revil more flesh
As You open the door and invite me in.
My Only problem is I don't own a long fur coat.
But long to be fucked wearing one
the thought makes my pussy so fucking wet

Maybe santa will put it under my tree
If I'm naughty enough

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Saturday, November 18th 2017 View Blog
xXx WebCam xXx
xXx So Guy's And Gentlemen I'm Finally On Cam, So For The Next Couple Of Day's I Will Be Coming Up With Lot's Of Naughty, Kinky Story's, Outfit's And Very Naughty Story Line's For Some Very Sexy Webcam RolePlay, And I Would Like A Little Help Form My Fan's And Follower's You Know It's All About You An Your Pleasurer, So Would Like To Receive Your Imput Your Kinky Idea's, Your Dirty Fantasies So We Can Make Them A Reality, An Explore Our Very Kinky, Imaginations, So Come Don't Be Shy Get Involved And Email Me Your Idea's xXx

P.S. I Will Be Up Dating Date's An Time's For My Next Cam Show's Love Ya All Lot's xXx
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Saturday, November 18th 2017 View Blog
The Tour
The Tour Guide

While on a recent tour of one of our beautiful cities. I decided to go along and join the official tour that was on offer as we meandered through the streets and in out of the buildings taking in all the sights and sounds I kept thinking that I knew the tour guide from some ware before, then it suddenly hit me he used to be a client and always booked me for four hours so he could fuck me at least four times sometimes more if he could manage too, "he usually did". Anyway I thought no more of it

We all were listening intensely to the guide as he explained about the history of this ancient city as we progressed he went on to say that he offers a night tour starting just after dusk and said if any one was interested to meet him at the tourist kiosk... as it was an unseasonably warm I popped on a skirt, top and a light jacket I decided to take up the offer when I arrived I was the only one there so I waited a while to see if any one else would arrive but no I said to him If he wanted to call it off it would be no problem, He said your Khloe yes I said, if your happy to join me I can give you a more in depth tour that would not be possible with a larger group. I said OK thinking he may give me a good fucking at some point. also, I remembered he could get another erection very quickly and always came

We set off towards the Cathedral and walked around and then went inside as we walked along I could not help but notice how he had his hand in his trouser pocket and seemed to fumble around in his pocket. He said would I like to go and see the old ruins as they were a short walk and were more interesting in the dusk of the evening as we walked across the moon lit lawn he put his hand on my bum and started to rub and squeeze my cheeks, I then realized why he had his hand in his pocket he was rubbing his cock, no wonder he wanted to show me the sites on his own “He was probably going to show me some thing else very soon” He went on to say how the gentry of the city would bring their maids down here out of site of there wives and fuck them. by now he had his arm around me and was fondling my breast through my jacket My pussy was starting to get moist as we moved along we came to the old cloisters and went inside as we stood there he asked if I would like to go down into the crypt OK... I said as we walked through he lifted the back of my skirt and fingered my pussy from behind we stopped and I turned to face him, he then put his other hand up my skirt and moved it between my legs your very wet he said Is the tour turning you on, “may be I said” We went over and I lent against one of the tombs He again put his hand up my skirt I couldn't help my self I just opened my legs and pulled my panties to one side The thought of how he used to fuck me was making my pussy tingle.

He then produced a condom got his cock out and slipped it on I pulled my skirt up and panties to one side so he could penetrate me. and fucked me as I leaned back against the tomb till he came, he asked if I would take my panties off. "I would find out why soon" he asked if would like to go back to see his quarters I said yes on one condition you fuck me again and make me cum, on the way back he slid my hand into his trousers pocket I could feel he was hard again and his pre-cum was oozing out of his cock we were walking down this secluded alley he guided me into this doorway got his hard cock out, put on another condom and fucked me again "OMG I'm going to cum I gasped "that’s why you wanted me to take my panties off" upon returning to his quarters he fucked me again in the hall way then led me straight to the bedroom got me on the bed "I barely had time to take my jacket off he pulled my legs apart exposing my shaven pussy he dropped his trousers put on another condom got on top of me and fucked me again making me cum twice be for he shot another load of his cum inside me, He then undressed me took the rest of his clothes off and fucked me twice again Cumming inside me each time before I left I only managed to cum once more as I had cum while he was fucking me in the doorway He's certainly not lost his touch Just as I was leaving He gave me an envelope with Khloe written on it and a note inside saying as soon as soar you I new it was you Thank you for making the tour more exiting that's why I came prepared.

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