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Summers_0x (181) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
Overdue - 22/02/17
Well hello there my lovelies!

A VERY belated happy Valentine's Day to you all, I hope you had such a Romantic, passionate day...

Wow, it has been quite a while since I last updated my Blog Post & I literally have no excuses as to why I haven't well I do actually - My life is pretty darn dull! So there is nothing really to tell you, nothing exciting well, not that I think you'll find it exciting.

The reason why I'm writing this Post today is just to reflect really on my thought process and I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with you today (if your not into that then this post is not for you, just thought I'd pre warn you )

These past two days, I haven't really felt myself - I don't know why but I have felt a little deflated within myself and I understand it's perfectly normal to feel that way however then I thought to myself, it's amazing how we take little things for granted

We stress out and worry about everything and we always forget to remember to be thankful, to be grateful and just to be truly happy within ourselves - For example just having a home. Having a Home to come home to, and relax in yet we moan about not having 'the latest technology' or if something breaks which yes it is frustrating but does it really matter?

That is my question today to myself... 'Does it really matter?'

I felt like, when I asked myself that and I couldn't validate it, it actually made me feel better and to be honest made me re-evaluate how I see things In my life.

I know that this Website is specifically for people seeking pleasure but there is more to it than that, in my Eyes there is... If you enjoyed this Blog Post and would like more Blog Posts like this, let me know - Email me or Direct Cam me to tell me your thoughts or even better... What's your thought process about life? Do you take things for granted?

At the end of the day, we are all human and no one is perfect, we are all the same deep inside, we all breath air, we all have Blood running through our Veins and we all share the same battles. We should help one another, make each other feel good and keep that positivity energy

I have made a new album on my Private Gallery, called 'Out & About' it's basically just like Blog Posts but Pictures, if you are curious as to what I do day to day and the places I visit and also just more about me, the raw side to me

I haven't yet posted any new content on my Erotica, I have made 3 stories but deleted them all as I felt, they weren't good enough to publish for you guys so the struggle is real and I'm trying to get the words out on the Paper. We shall see by the end of this Week if I have uploaded anything

Take care everyone, I hope you all have a successful week whatever it is, whether you, make a nice Dinner, have a good day at work or, just have a good day in general

Lot's of love,

Brook 0x
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
Lustful love...
He came home from work to see that I'm already here; my bag on the table and my shoes kicked off by the door. He searches for me but can't see me, only the very faint noise of the shower against the shower curtain coming from the bathroom.

He sneaks up and sees the door ajar. The mirrors steamed up and a pile of my clothes thrown on floor outside of the door. As he gets closer to the door he hears my gentle moans, getting somewhat louder and louder as he sneaks closer, feeling himself getting hard at the thought of seeing me pleasuring myself.

He takes off his top, shoes and trousers, turning back to pull the belt from the loops and stand back at the door to see just how carried away I can get.

He stands and listens as my moans get louder, watching through the crack in the door as I grip at the shower curtain, my silhouette trembling as I cum. He bursts through and pulls the curtain back across, revealing my weak and wet body. He looks down at me with disappointment and I stare longingly back, apologising without even saying the words.

He moves toward me and pull me down onto my knees, then wraps his belt around the back of my neck and keeps ahold of the ends to pull me toward him, my mouth eagerly awaiting him as I do so.

I keep my eyes wide open and stare up at him, the shower water making my makeup stream down my face. As he pulls me suddenly down on him, he hears me choke a little, loosening his grip for me to get my breath just this once. He pulls me back down and holds me there, watching my body writhe as there's nowhere else for me to go, maintaining eye contact for as long as I can.

I keep my hands held behind my back just like he'd taught me, my submissive side really showing my willing to serve and please him, making up for me orgasming without his permission. He stands completely still and loosens the belt again, letting me do my own thing. Watching as my lips hit the base of his throbbing cock each time he moves forward.

He loops the belt around his hands again and holds himself deep in my throat one last time, feeling it tighten around him as I gasp for air. Quickly pulling out as I move my hands and sink my nails into the backs of his thighs. He stands me up and makes me spread my legs, raising my arms as he ties a knot in his belt, just enough to pull me up onto my tip toes and tie it tightly around the shower rail.

He steps back to admire my perfect figure tied up there, my feet slipping on the wet floor, completely helpless apart from kicking my feet. I watch his hands explore and caress my body, wondering exactly what he's going to do with me for playing up as I did.

He turns me around weightlessly as my wrists are supported by the belt, automatically losing my sense to see where I am and what I am doing. After a few seconds I feel both of his hands around my body from behind, reaching around to my thighs, his grabs leaving perfect little hand marks upon my skin.

He slowly moves his hands up, my legs twitching as my tip toes slip. I moan aloud as the back of his hand rubs hard against my pussy, tensing my whole body and asking him if I can make him cum as soon as possible, hating the anticipation.

I moan and shout as he tells me that I cannot cum yet, but he is still playing with me just as much. I throw my head back and scream as I orgasm, your hand pulling away from me as you look at me in disappoint. "What on earth was that!?" - I blush and tell him that I couldn't hold out any longer...
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
Creative SeX

It's the summer
Your hot your wispy streaky brown grey hair slightly wet from your shower

Your in your torn jeans crispy white tshirt
Your so fucking hot
Almost 50 but fucking delicious you play the piano but you look like a ragged rock star...

We're at an old church building for for an art class suns still bright
Beating through the beautiful stain glasses windows

No one eles is around
We throw all the paint on a massive canvas

And start tearing each other's clothes off
Your teeth ripping my top off

You pick me up wrap my legs around your shoulders your eating me. Licking and sucking my clit..

We trip and fall onto the canvas
And we're fucking in the paint..

My legs over your shoulders while your deep thrusting into me....
Your teeth softly biting my nipples

Your but naked seriously hot
Now that's what I call art..,,

And I'll have you again and again in the shower
BellaBooty33 (20) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
Mixing Business With Pleasure/Blurred Lines
Do I mix business with pleasure? Quite simply - NO!

A part of my job as an escort is to make the client forget about the hum drum of his world for the time during which he has booked me. He can escape the banalities of his reality for an hour and indulge in pure unadulterated fantasy with me. This is a particularly enjoyable exercise with the fetishists. The foot fetish guys, the PVC wearing gimps and all the other delicious sexual deviants. With these clients the lines are never blurred. They understand the boundaries. The key to fantasy is understanding that you are in one. Whichever way the client decides to spend the time, he must remember that he is paying for Bella. Bella is not reality. The fetishists understand this.

The GFE clients on the other hand, sometimes have difficulty understanding the boundaries. I give a fantastic GFE and this is why some clients over the years have interpreted my performance as something more than professional, something real. It isn’t. Or ever has been. I am unapologetic about my enjoyment of the job. I genuinely love what I do. I DO orgasm with clients and my pussy does get ridiculously wet, with certain clients. But it is still a job at the end of the day. And never do I regard our intimacy in the bedroom and the passion and sensuality with which we kiss, as real. It is work.

Recently the time old issue of a client becoming too emotionally attached has reared its cringe worthy head again. It was only a matter of time I guess. This time, it’s pretty bad. This morning I woke up again to several essay length text messages, voicemails and a missed call made just after 6.30am! I’ve had to be quite firm with this client now. The problem is, I’m fundamentally a nice girl. I do respond to messages because I am not ignorant, but when these messages are sent with alarming frequency and with inappropriate depth, it becomes an arduous task even reading them, let alone replying.

To say you have fallen for me, is so far removed from reality. You do not know me. My clients pay for BELLA. The person underneath the heavy make up and heaving cleavage, hold ups, heels and lascivious lingerie is NOT FOR SALE. She doesn’t even enter the apartment from which I work. I would never find myself in a bedroom with you had money not have been exchanged. I am an escort and you pay for my services.

Clients must remember that I too am stepping into an alter ego during our session. Ideally a booking will be easy, enthusiastic, with clear lines and no bull shit. I am sometimes asked out for coffee and dinner from my clients. This can never happen. To repeat, I AM AN ESCORT, not a coffee companion.

And there really is no scope for clients attempting the reverse psychology game on me. The whole “don’t call yourself a whore, that is so demeaning, babe” rhetoric falls on my intentionally deaf ears. You don’t need to patronise me. I AM a whore and you pay whores. I do not need rescuing. As I have mentioned time and time again, this is not Pretty Woman and we’re not in Hollywood. You do not need to delve into what you believe to be my buried ‘issues’ surrounding my line of work, because there aren’t any. I have never been sexually abused, nor am I addicted to anything (except maybe season 7 of Criminal Minds), and giving sloppy blow jobs doesn’t validate my existence whereby offering such sexual acts permits my ‘tortured, chained heart’ to feel loved. My elected whorish (and yes duplicitous) life really isn’t a reliable substance for your Freudian-esque psycho-analytical endeavours. You’re attempting to scratch my surface, expecting to unearth a world of solitude and tears, a lonely girl lost in the seedy underbelly of the sex industry, when in actual fact, all you will find is tumbleweed. Tumbleweed and a 33 year old woman who has her shit together, does a job she enjoys and gives great head.

98% of my clients are great. We can indulge in an erotic, steamy GFE, or whichever fetish/role play/style tickles your perverted fancy without anything getting too heavy. But that 2% can spoil it both for themselves and for me. I need time away from escorting every now and then, and it is because of that 2%

To the client that has prompted this blog: I am happy to continue seeing you but you MUST respect the boundaries. Please, no more calls and emotional voicemails at silly o’ clock in the morning and no more snippets from psalms or the Bible. You cannot be my friend. I have my own life coloured with my own beautiful friends and with whom I spend my spare time. You can however, be my client. You can spend time with me within the realms of Bella and you. That is all that is on offer. That is all that ever will be. If you cannot accept this, then I wish you love and light, health and happiness and a life filled with joy.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to message me your thoughts about this blog. Bella x

You do not have permission to use any of the material you find on my page, that means my pictures, the writing in my blogs or the content on my profile. If found to be doing so it will be considered a violation of my privacy and copyright and will be subject to legal action, reported to Adultwork and your account will be deactivated
Sellena swetie (0) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
Sellena swetie
Hello my gentlemen.i am Selena a very friendly woman which is a playful and naughty escort. A bubbly, cheeky and happy person that loves to please and I am very capable of making people feel comfortable and at ease with my smile and seductive green eyes. I am pretty, well presented and dainty with a feminine, fresh natural skinned, bright eyed appearance. I love gentlemen and promise to make every client I have, feel like they are number one. Yes, all my attention will be on you. I am situated at a discrete and nice address and i am avaIlable always !!call me when you want
NaughtyXXXNadine  (88) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
London wasn't all that roll on Bristol
Hey Guys,

just a quick check in to let you all know how my trip to London went, So I arrive inside my rental Flat and I wasn't Wowed but it was clean tidy and OK my main spanner in the works was the internet was restricted so entry into My world was a little tricky.

Saturday & Sunday flew by in a daze of sheer boredom lack of dick to entertain & shitty signal i'm sure you can feel my pain Monday was a bit better with a bit of company but nothing to right home about.

So roll on Bristol on Monday & Tuesday Coming i'm travelling with welsh mum Kim so Bristol guys don't leave us hanging
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
getting asked of guys to another sploshing party
hi peeps

i been getting asked of the guys on here when im doing another sploshing gangbang as they would like to come ,the only thing is stopping me doing another one is it took fucking ages to clean up after it ,as the food was fucking every where ,it was all over my bedroom but i must say it was fucking fun and rolling around in the swimming pool with all the fucking guys and some did get turns on rubbing fucking cream in to me fanny and covering my tits in it .all the beans made the fucking most mess, there a cunt to clean up but they made it fun pouring a bucked full of beans over my sexy friend was real fun then rolling around in it all while rubbing beans in to her fanny and tits as all the fucking guys where wanking away watching us and then jumping on ..
so i think i will do another one as when i look back i did have loads of fun doing it so''

Tigercub101 (39) Escorts - Click to book
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
Oh Boys !!

Did I tell you I offer a Tie and Tease session to ???

I will have you tied in no time
Your going to love my match stick game, It makes me laugh every time.
My whips will come out so will my claws.

Just when you think your safe, the real tiger will come out to play.
Play indeed gents !!

Your going to love what I have installed for you either way you will leave my place a happy man.

I only bite if you want me to boys lol
I'm a friendly lady full of fun wanting you to join me xx
JayneLace (2254) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Available Now - Click to Book or Call
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
'Project: Morning-Person...'
...to be honest, I should really be calling this: 'Project: yeah-right...'

A mixture of wonder & envy always fills me when I hear morning-types cheerfully trill the words: 'OoOoooOoooo, I never sleep in beyond...' and then they name some totally random & ungodly hour at which they take a deep joy at arising, no, sorry, springing out of their beds at... presumably with a big smile on their faces... do these people never press the snooze-button? 'You snooze, you loose,' they say, giving you the thumbs-up. Ugggggghhhh. Or maybe you just go back to your cozy bed and ahhhhhhhh, sleep some more. Until midday... Hmmmmmm...

However. Being a lazy twat late-sleeper - whilst blissful and cozy - does have it's downsides. Like not getting much done with the day, turning into a nocturnal vampire-like-type... and other stufffffffff....

I decided that enough is enough. I need to start doing mornings...

Years ago, one job I had was packing prepared-salads into boxes. Beyond obviously qualifying me for performing complex neuro-surgery* (*sarcasm) it *did* actually require me getting up in the small hours to start my shifts. I managed to do this day-in, day-out, for months (and months) on end...

Now, the story is different... my better-half goes to work very early, and I roll over to their side of the bed, to make it smell of me. I then play with myself for a bit, thinking of whatever I got up to the night before, then fall asleep. Until lunchtime. Shameful, I know!

However! This decadent madness must stop! I can't spend the entirety of my thirties in bed sleeping! So, I've bought (another) alarm clock and everything. Something really weird happens, though, like some kind of temporal-loop: I get up to switch off the alarm (in the morning) but then find myself back in bed again. Opps!

I'm going to buy a few more and dot them around the house. It's the only way!

So then: Project: Morning-Person? Continues...

danielehot (35) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Wednesday, February 22nd 2017 View Blog
I Put My Pretty Lingerie On.
It’s time we start putting on pretty little things and start walking up and down our bedrooms like models on the runways. The thing is that our bodies may never meet the standards we create for ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for wearing lingerie for solo beauty rest and most nights I go to bed in my lingerie. However, there is nothing more wonderful then wearing it for someone special (my customers) who really appreciate every piece of me. I’ve said it a million times before, beauty is deeper than skin. It is not about what society thinks of us but rather what we see in ourselves and how we choose to make ourselves feel. Beauty grows in places where it’s welcome. It's a feeling, a sort of a light within us and we all are beautiful in our own way. Lingerie is wonderful and I enjoy wearing it, not only because its sexy but because it makes me feel great within myself. Lingerie for me means fun and pleasure! Strut your stuff and own it, because that's what I feel I do best!

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