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Tuesday, October 17th 2017 View Blog

or whatever you feel like calling us that we don't deserve respect so they feel need to talk to us like shit

You might talk to your other half like that but you won't with me sweetheart

Some of the messages I get on here there not worth giving them the satisfaction of replying thank god for the block button

Like a message earlier his manner in his wording was so stern and abrupt at one point I was thinking does my profile say I'm sub now lol

There's just no need most of girls can tell what sort of person you are when you call I always go by gut instinct it's never failed me yet

So boys think before you send that message as one day MY REPLY MAY JUST OFFEND YOU ....

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Tuesday, October 17th 2017 View Blog
Tonight going to pub and I had some fun
Going to the pub to night for a drink I will have boots on nice dress no bra or underwear on if you see me in the pub buy me red wine I will be doing a lot of flashing in the pub to night might let you see if your a good man well just had a nice man at my home today for 2 hours of sex it was so good he bought me flowers and chocolates thank you .mr h for the nice sex rideing him was good did 69 to did it on the table to thank you mr h
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Tuesday, October 17th 2017 View Blog
A tale
I promised an anecdote, so here it is. It's long but trust me, it's a rollercoaster.

When I was in my mid-to-late teens, I was a bit rebellious. I wasn't a big fan of the traditional paths of misbehaviour like getting drunk at teenage house parties and drinking Buckfast at the park. I like to drink but it wasn't the be all and end all of rebellion, and other teenagers were mostly annoying. My vice was always sex, and as quite a pretty, horny young thing, it was easy to find.

I didn't have sex with teenagers. I lost my virginity to a teenager and I don't think I ever slept with someone under 25 again (I'm 22, remember). Part of the appeal of my brand of rebellion was that I could hop into a nice, warm car with a short skirt on, feel a hand on my thigh, and get taken out of my life for a while. Maybe I could go to a little cottage in the country full of pedigree cats, and get fisted. Maybe I'd be taken to a lovely viewpoint and get spanked over the bonnet of the car, and watch the sun rise on the way home. Maybe I would jump on the back of a giant motorbike and get hopelessly lost in torrential rain, and just barely dodge running into my dad when I made it home at 7am. That was all part of the fun.

That's the background for this particular tale. I'm talking about a man, I'll call him Jim. I was considering meeting with Jim, but it was late at night when he contacted me and I was weighing up my desire with the logistics of sneaking out. My dog was a puppy at the time and would have had to come with me to stop his separation anxiety from giving me away. I had decided I wasn't interested, but Jim offered me some very fair compensation for my trouble, which was something I did receive occasionally at that time (hello, katkitty origin story!). So, I went. I got into his car, it was dark, he said he didn't think I was serious about the paperwork. I was exasperated but I had gone to the trouble at that point* so off we went. We parked in the drive of a farm, we had some fun. All was mostly well.

He got back in touch a couple of days later for round two, then round three, and we struck up a bit of a thing, I suppose. The first real surprise came when he said he had found another MF pair who were interested in a foursome. I was up for it, and he suggested I bring the puppy to his place and hang out for a day or two beforehand, he'll wine and dine me etc. then we can get ready and go to the meet. More surprises came when I got to his place. He lived out in the back of beyond in a nice, large flat, but he slept on an air mattress in the living room because almost his entire flat was full of marijuana plants. I don't care what people do, although I was mostly sad about the shitty sleeping situation.

Another surprise was that on the way there, he mentioned something in passing about his car belonging to the temple. Temple? What temple? He was surprised he hadn't told me already. He was a Hare Krishna and spent most of his days doing maintenance and building work at the local temple.

He had mentioned some things about his past and, clearly, his present that didn't seem totally compatible with that religion, but he shrugged. Wining and dining turned out to consist of a pretty decent takeaway and bottles of 'WHITE WINE' from a supermarket. They tasted like paint thinner. I was stupid enough to try to keep pace with him on the first night, but quickly learned my lesson, and started to think this whole thing was leaving 'adventure' territory and heading towards 'mishap' at best, or maybe 'nightmare.'

When I took my puppy out to the garden the next day, I could hear someone blasting some very weird music. It turned out to be Jim, who was in the shower, blasting Hare Krishna music through the sound system in the living room and singing along. I don't know if you've all heard their sort of mantra but it only has about six words, mostly Hare and Krishna. It was surreal. As an ex-trucker with a very thick Scouse accent, he was an inauspicious Hare Krishna, and I've never heard their songs sung quite like that before or since.

We went to the foursome, and met two very endearingly weird people. The woman was just out of a very long, stifling relationship and was enjoying casual sex for the first time in her life, and the man was just a very sweet big guy with a high sex drive. They were funny, easy to get along with, and it blew my goddamn mind. I'm very into women, so having my first sexual experience with a woman was quite overwhelming. Fireworks were going off in my head at any moment that I was touching her, or she was touching me.

As for the man, he had size (think a third arm) and the all-around skills to back it up. It was amazing. I was worried about offending Jim so I had it in my head to try to match moan intensity, but I lost all control of that. I'm also terrible at faking it and always have been, so it was obvious to everyone involved that Jim's efforts weren't cutting it. I mean, he was okay usually, but another issue was that he had brought along a crate of beer and drank almost all of it already.

It got weird really fast when Jim kept trying to maximise his involvement when two people were doing something. If I was quite wrapped up in some activity with the man, the woman would happily watch, maybe stroke someone's hair or back here and there (avoiding drunken Jim), but Jim would sort of skirt round us looking for somewhere he could stick his oar in, resulting in me having to pause repeatedly to tell him to leave my ass alone, and him getting laughed at. We did try to keep things alternating quite evenly so everyone was getting their share of everyone else, so to speak, which meant suffering the indignity of what the hell was going on with Jim.

The other pair were happily going at it on the floor, and Jim was on top of me on the sofa. Passing out. The other two, of course, noticed and finished up what they were doing and started to watch, giggle, and whisper to me to try and get him off me. 'Say you need a bathroom break,' she said. 'I'll get you a drink,' he said. But any time I moved, Jim would semi-rouse and start humping pathetically, then pass out again. I did get out eventually. Older, wiser me, had she somehow wound up in this situation, would have knocked him to the floor as soon as he passed out because I'm kind like that.

The man had to leave as he had work in the morning, leaving the three of us to chat. Jim was conscious again at this point and had had an energy drink or two, so he was now more or less himself. This was not a vast improvement. Jim managed to seriously offend both of us women with some really horrific opinions, and then when I got upset he got angry at me and insisted I comfort him for his hurt feelings. We stayed the night and then Jim drove me home. On the journey, he made it clear he was furious about how things had gone. He said I clearly preferred the other man to him, and I made a fool out of him. I didn't say much. He was driving dangerously, screaming at other cars. My dog was in my lap and started heaving.

I said to Jim, 'He's going to be sick,' and Jim obviously thought I was just making random lady noises and he said, 'Aww,' and scratched the puppy's chin. You see where this is going.

My dog threw up spectacularly into Jim's hand and all over the Krishna-mobile. I was mortified and afraid. Jim just froze for a while, then started screaming about the car. I helped him to clean it up as best I could, while essentially pleading that he let me get out and walk the rest of the way. He refused. I eventually managed to persuade him on the basis that I was late home and my parents would probably be looking out of the window, so he dropped me one street away. I ran into my mum who was also furious and knew I was coming from the wrong direction to have been at a friend's house as I had claimed. I said I had just taken the dog a walk, but I think she could tell that wherever I had been, something bad had happened so she dropped it.

That very evening, the woman of the pair texts me to let me know they would love to have me back in a couple of days, but no Jim. I think they let Jim know the same thing, because the anger and the threats from him immediately started pouring in. Now that I had a little distance from him and knew I was not going to see him again, I wasn't scared so his attempts to threaten me were just funny. I knew he was an isolated alcoholic Hare Krishna with no real friends, so he wasn't going to have the gang run up on me. I'm not going to have a band of vengeful Hare Krishnas at the door. I have to admit that I messed with him in response, mostly invoking his apparent religion to shame him for what he was doing. At times, he would listen to me and then try for a sincere apology, but when I refused to accept it he would immediately turn back to the threats and insults.

The day of the threesome rolls around, and it's amazing. They both rib me mercilessly for the events of the foursome, from what on earth I was doing with Jim in the first place to the fake moaning compared with the real moaning whenever I was with the other man. The sex without a Jim hanging around poking fingers is beyond compare. Until the phone starts ringing. I'm not sure how Jim chose his timing, but he had been silent since the evening after the foursome. Now suddenly he is calling, texting, calling and texting some more. I should have blocked his number but again, there was something funny about it all. Eventually he texted me, 'I will not be ingroned,' and then, 'I have called the police,' so I'm glad I didn't block him, really, or that would have been a nasty shock.

This last text succeeds in getting me to answer the phone to him, because what the fuck? He says he has called the police to say two adults are having sex with a minor at the woman's address. I was very much legal, so I was confused. I hung up on him and we all got dressed. The man obviously had the most experience of getting dressed in a hurry, as he even had his socks and shoes on by the time the doorbell rang. I was a close second with my underwear and dress back on, and the woman just bundled herself up in a dressing gown. We all got poised with cups of tea and some talent show on the telly, and in came the cops. The cops are confused, too, because they are expecting to find some sordid situation with a minor, but they actually find three fully-clothed adults (okay, admittedly one rather young adult) drinking tea and watching telly. We quickly explained that Jim is my angry ex who is harassing me, and the police are satisfied and advise me to report him to my local cops. The only hiccup is that the cops called my mother *before* they ascertained whether his claims were true or not, and I was supposed to be somewhere very different. Oops.

Well, to cut a very long story marginally shorter, as the next part isn't that interesting, I did end up making a report as I was 100% done with his harassment of the three of us, and in that report I included the details of his growing operation. He did several months inside and emailed me when he got out to say, 'I will not be foirgotten,' and it took me a minute to remember who the hell he was. The other pair and I drifted apart after all the drama, which I am eternally sad about. Hey, if you recognise yourselves in this story, message me! I'd love to relive the fun bits.

*This very much no longer applies: I don't sneak out, I don't get into strangers' cars and I absolutely will show people the door for stunts like that. <3
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Tuesday, October 17th 2017 View Blog
Lets Have Some Fun With Our Boobs.
Your breasts called, and they gave us this itinerary

Look out for admirers.
Turns out both men and women spend more time looking at breasts than faces, according to recent research. See, everyone is always staring at your chest!

Explore different sensations.
If some squeezing and caressing from your partner is all your girls have experienced, they are seriously deprived. Play around with new sensations—like hot and cold temperatures, feather-light strokes or even vibrations from a sex toy. You may find a new favorite way to touch your boobs.

Work out together.
You wouldn’t neglect your workout buddy right? So why are you treating your girls like crap during a run? Find the best sports bra for your boobs so you’ll both enjoy your workout a little bit more.

Take them shopping.
When was the last time you hit the dressing room with just your breasts in mind? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Go try on a few a style that makes your décolletage look amazing.
English-Elise (36) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Tuesday, October 17th 2017 View Blog
Have More Fun With Your Boobs.
Let’s take a second to appreciate the wonder that is your chest. Seriously. Big or small or in between, your boobs are sexy, functional, and make you look pretty damn great in a bikini. So instead of just coexisting with your girls, why not get to know them a little better? Here's a few fun, silly, and smart ways to have a blast with your boobs. You’ll be besties before you know it.

Dress them up.
The best lingerie can take your pair from cute to Christina Hendricks (OK, not really, but you get the point). Find the sexiest style for your shape and don it under everything from an LBD to your work clothes. Just think of it as a sexy secret between you and your girls.

Get them wet.
We’re not talking wet T-shirt contest—though that’s an option, too. Hot water brings your blood to the surface and raises your body temp, both of which make your skin super sensitive to the touch.

Let them free.
Every once in a while (like that Sunday when your to-do list is just brunch and binge-watching Netflix) give yourself a free pass to skip the boulder holder. Just make sure your clothes keep everything under wraps.
LindaLovemuch (77) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Tuesday, October 17th 2017 View Blog
Is It Good To Sleep With Your Bra On At Night.
What actually happens if you sleep with your bra on? Because we all do it occasionally every time we're drunk.

Old wives' tales would have it that sleeping with a bra on will cause your boobs to sag. But in contrast to that, iconic beauty Marilyn Monroe apparently used to sleep with a bra on every night in order to prevent them from sagging. So which is it?

What's the truth in the matter; will sleeping with a bra on actually have any impact on the shape/size/perkiness of your breasts - either for better or for worse - or could it have any other implications for your health?

But does that mean wearing a bra in bed definitely doesn't have any impact on sagging? Not necessarily, he says.

"Let's think about this from a scientific point of view," says the doctor. "Sagging is caused by the downwards pull of gravity on the mass of your breasts. That's why bigger breasts sag more, as there's more fat within the tissue for gravity to work on.
LisaLoveU (10) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Tuesday, October 17th 2017 View Blog
Sex Is More Than Just Fun.
We all love a good throw down every now and again because, let’s be real, it’s a great time. But guys, here’s a little secret: Sex is more than just an evening (or afternoon or morning) of fun. In fact, according to science, getting busy on the regular can benefit your overall health in some pretty major ways.

In the spirit of empowering ladies everywhere to get it on as much as they can, we’ve compiled a list of five medially-proven reasons you should be having more sex.

1. Moderate sex can cure a cold.
2. Sex lowers your blood pressure.
3. It counts as exercise.
4. Orgasm has the power to reduce pain.
5. It helps you sleep better.
LunaPretty (18) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Tuesday, October 17th 2017 View Blog
The Number Of Sleeps Until Xmas.
The countdown to Christmas is beginning - at least for savvy bargainhunters. Planning ahead will get you into the spirit of Christmas and help you save money, avoiding falling into seasonal debt woes.

They say Christmas starts earlier every year. So here's a nice factual reminder of just how far away it is. Gift adverts in July? Christmas decorations in September? Christmas trees in November? Now you can figure exactly how far ahead of Christmas they are. A bit closer to the time this could be useful in helping to prepare Christmas dinner and working out when to start defrosting the turkey. There are now 68 sleeps left until we wake up on December 25 to Christmas Day!
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Tuesday, October 17th 2017 View Blog
Really flattered
Im feeling really chuffed just lately ive had so many lovely comments and messages from you. As you know i had a brief stint at escorting alone which I loved but it has been put on hold for the foreseeable future.
I must say ive been overwhelmed by your messages months even up to a year later .. comments on cam such as I met you and ive never ever tasted such good pussyand soo wet ... lol and one phone chat regular I met who calls me on direct chat regular .. ive never had such a good fuck.. another one and another cammer ex client.. ive never seen a woman come so much or so hard ! Im not blowing my own trumpet im echoing your words that mean a lot to me.

All I can say is thank you it makes me feel I did a bloody good job .. to coin a phase you saw that it wasent a job for me more of sheer pleasure I grin now when I think one gent returned 32 xs !Like a marriage that :) . maybe the secret was I wanted to be there I needed it not for any other reason.. as you all know I picked very few clients wisely and carefully
Will I do it again please you ask . who knows what life brings us we just do what is right at the time
.Im just really pleased I pleased you so much and you keep telling me you cant forget it well I wont either each and every memory lives with me forever thank you xxx
SexiestBlonde (55)
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Tuesday, October 17th 2017 View Blog
A Top Secretary Offers This.
I'm one naughty secretary, very busty, lots of sexy fun and I love to play dominant bitchy or submissive under your control. The roleplays are all natural to me because I have a huge sense of fun and making sex and sexuality as relaxing and easy going as possible. We are only here once and I want to try it all! So my secretarial duties can include:

1. Blowing the boss until he fills my mouth with cum
2. Sucking him off under the table while he talks on the phone to his wife.
3. Sitting on his erect cock while he speaks with his wife or maybe on a webcam business meeting!
4. Bending over in front of him with my little slutty skirt riding up high, ready to be entered!
5. Laying back on the bosses desk with my legs open while I push his head deep into my pussy and make sure he licks me out real good.
6. Facestting my boss until he's gasping for air!
7. Doing my speciality deepthroat on my boss until he can feel his cock explode deep down my throat!
8. Fully trained genuine prostate massage where I give my boss the most intense orgasm he ever imagined...and then another one after that!
9. Passionately kissing my boss and making him call me the name of his wife while we make love.
10. Cuckold service too where I let my boss fuck me and then tell my next client all about it while we fuck too.

Wanna be my boss? Please sir come and give me some lessons on how you like your secretary to behave!

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