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Wednesday, September 19th 2018 View Blog
Liquid launches
I realise it has been a while since I last posted any form of erotica or blogs, summer is not really the time for all that. However now that it is getting wetter, and colder and autumn is on our door step thought I would just say, yes I am still very much the filthy dirty whore most of you have come to know, and yes I still do go out for liquid lunches and weekends at night on the piss and pull. Latest liquid lunch was this afternoon, were a very nice gentleman had a fantasy to meet me at a pub with me dressed in a see through blouse, short skirt, stockings and suspenders and sandal high heels. Were upon he would buy a few drinks and then take me to the back of the pub, you know where they store the barrels etc and fuck my arse bareback. Greatly he did all this and a little bit more by cuming a second time in my mouth thus completing the liquid lunch. This I will be doing an awful lot more in the build up to Christmas as for gods sake it got me all wet and very very horny on the idea we might have got caught, we didn't, but wow what a buzz. Love you all xxxxxxxx
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Wednesday, September 19th 2018 View Blog
Why am I horny all the time?? I need help from a sexy guy,
I’ve had loads of phone sex today and it’s made me so wet :)
I hope I get some cam action tonight from some of you guys with big cocks!
I like guys that can cum a lot for me! There’s nothing better than a guy wanking for me and shooting his hot load everywhere!
If you ask nicely I might even get a hot guy on cam with me tonight. So you get to see all the action live! Sounds good doesn’t it. Call me soon xx
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Wednesday, September 19th 2018 View Blog
Hello boys

I was certainly busy yesterday talking to you guys. I so love switching on my phone not knowing who I’ll talk to and what we might talk about. I guess that is what has kept me and you boys cumming all these years.

Yesterday was no exception. Late afternoon I had a call from Mike. We’ve spoken many times before and he needed, as he put it, some Mike and Kat time and I duly gave him just what he needed.

He told me he was parked up in a lay by somewhere talking hands free with his hand wrapped around his cock talking to a girl he’d never met about his most secret dirty fantasy and she GOT it. She wasn’t shocked disgusted or judgmental and just knew exactly how to take hold of his fantasy and give him a very happy sticky ending.

Of course, Mike knows that being the very bad girl I am, I got off on his fantasy too – rather sticky moment here too.

I accept calls from anywhere – home, work, car, gym …..

Oh yes.

Kat x

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Wednesday, September 19th 2018 View Blog
It’s time to say goodbye...
Hello my lovelies,
Yes it’s true.

The time has come for me to walk away from the Industry. I feel like the time is right for me to walk away now and I won’t be returning. I’m very much ready to move on in life now and I’m really happy with my decision.

This was never a ‘forever’ job, I’m degree educated and always worked hard & whilst I always knew this was just temporary, I will never regret my time here. I have grown as a woman in more ways than I can explain. I’ve learnt so much and met the most amazing people. I have stories to last a lifetime and I won’t ever forget my time working here.

Thank you to anybody who ever sessioned with me, but mostly, I want to say a huge thank you to all of my regulars for always loving and supporting me. You guys made my job easy from day 1.

I’m ready for the future now and ready to close my little ‘Sarah Spencer’ chapter.

It’s been great!

I will be working on the site sporadically until December but there is a big possibility I may leave in November instead. My profile will be shut down and there will be no more opportunities to session with me thereafter. I highly urge you all to enquiry about sessions now should you want to see me one last time before I leave as I won’t be returning after I have left.

Thank you for everything and I wish you all the best with your future endeavours.

All my love,

Sarah x
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Wednesday, September 19th 2018 View Blog
It’s a bit nippy today! Where the fuck has that global warming gone? I’m freezing my tits off here! though I suppose it would help if I started wearing some more clothes…

…but it’s a new dress and I like it! So I’m wearing it quite a lot at the moment - virtually living in it actually! it is very flattering (and I still have a few ‘cuddly’ bits to try and disguise). Not quite the thing for this weather, but hey ho, I’ll just have to wack the heating up :-)

I’ll be posting some new photos soon… xxx
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Wednesday, September 19th 2018 View Blog
Hey guys!

This is purely for the purposes of clarification as I don't show my face and hair!

Anyway I can only choose between brown or blonde when I describe my details on here. But my hair really isn't either!

It is naturally brunette but I have blonde highlights which make it a lot lighter. I've just had more done so it really is now quite light. So it is brunette but with a good lot of blonde added.

Not that any of you probably mind either way, but just to say that I do like to change it up from time to time and I don't want to mislead you.

When I go full on red, I'll let you know...or why not just come and meet me?

Anna xxx
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Wednesday, September 19th 2018 View Blog
Sun Sea & Sex - The Perfect Holiday!
Aaaaah! I'm just back all relaxed & refreshed from my holiday in Majorca where I zipped-off for a last minute all-inclusive break at an exclusive five star adults-only resort and boy did I have a great time. The hotel was perched on a hillside overlooking Santa Ponsa Bay with its' own private beach, although I have to admit that I was rarely tempted from the four-poster day-bed alongside the pool where I spent most of the daylight hours being served complimentary cocktails & glasses of chilled Prosecco whilst soaking-up the sun in one of my ridiculously minimalist Wicked Weasel micro-bikinis. Unusually, I'm now sporting some rather fetching 'white bits' as I usually sunbathe totally naked in my garden at home for an 'all-over' tan but I must admit that the tiny triangles of slightly lighter skin on my tits, pussy & arse are rather sexy, so I might keep them that way for a while. They sort of give the impression when I'm naked that a guy is seeing some parts of me that are not normally on display, so are a somehow 'taboo' - and the couple of clients who've had sex with me since I got back on Saturday certainly seem to approve of the 'new look' judging by the way they've leered at my body when I've slipped my sexy outfit of their choice off and stood naked in front of them!

My 'Wicked Weasels' caused quite a stir amongst the rest of the guests as of course no-one else was wearing anything anywhere near as miniscule as I was around the pool - and I did spot a few guys lying on sun-loungers, discreetly placing a magazine or newspaper over their groin whilst they cast sideways glances at my fit, oiled bod, stretched-out on my day-bed (undoubtedly to hide a swelling erection from their wives/girlfriends who were laying alongside them - dirty buggers!) I did overhear one fellow female guest chastising her husband for "eyeing up her tits" which made me chuckle - I guess the fact that most of the other guests were in their fifties (and mostly rather rotund!) didn't really prevent me from standing out!

Anyway, thankfully, although the guests were in the main of the more mature variety, I did manage to hook-up with a rather sexy young Spanish guy on one of my forays down into the nearby village for a drink at one of the local bars one evening. He (Xavier) was very friendly and didn't need much persuading to accompany back to my suite at the hotel that evening where he proceeded to make sure that I got to sample as much of his stiff Spanish sausage as I could handle (and he was packing quite a portion I can tell you!)

Now I'm back home safe & sound, I'm hoping to be able to squeeze in some more al-fresco sex sessions in my secluded garden before the summer finally gives way to autumn (I really can't believe it's the middle of September already - what on Earth happened to the best part of 2018?!) Of course, I do enjoy getting naked with a randy guy on the satin sheets under the mirrored ceiling in my cosy boudoir during the cold winter months but there's not much to beat getting soundly porked in the open-air in my secluded garden when the weather permits, so I'm keen to make the most of it whilst I can. Thankfully, my outdoor hot-tub is available throughout the year and with the water temperature set at a balmy forty degrees in the winter months it's great fun hopping in there naked with a horny guy - even when it's cold enough to freeze your naughty bits! Still, hopefully the onset of the chilly weather is still some way off, so I won't be hanging-up my Wicked Weasel outfits just yet!

Right, that's all for now as I just wanted to touch base after my break and I have one of my regular clients (Edward) due in about half-an-hour who likes to visit me at least once a month for a kinky session of bum-worship. Although I'm not into anal-sex per-se, I do enjoy the attention of Edward's tongue to my tight little bum-hole and tongue-ing my anus certainly seems to turn him on too as (despite being in his seventies) he soon has a stonking stiffie ready for me to sit on and ride to an extremely sticky climax - lovely! He likes me to welcome him wearing just black seamed-stockings, suspenders, panties & 1/4-cup bra with spike-heeled stilettos and (once he's settled down on my leather sofa with his trousers around his knees so he can wank his cock) he likes to watch me slowly slide my black lace panties down over my smooth, slim thighs to my knees and then reach around to spread my tight bum-cheeks wide apart so that he can feast his eyes on my puckered little rose-bud. After I've wiggled my hips suggestively for a minute or two he (Edward) likes to lean forward and bury his face in my arse-crack, gripping my hips so that he can push his eager tongue deep into my tasty little arsehole, effectively tongue-fucking it whilst making long groans of obvious approval as he does so. I must admit that the feeling of having most of his hot muscular tongue buried deep in my bum-hole as he pushes it in & out of me does feel extremely good and by the time he's ready for me to sit on his throbbing stiffie and fuck him, I'll be sopping wet and gagging for something hard inside me!

So, I'm off to slip into said black underwear ensemble ready to take Edward's seventy-year-old tongue up my arse and cock in my cunt and I can't think of a nicer way to get back to 'work' (if you can call getting paid to have sex 'work'?!) I'll leave you with a snap Xavier took of me showing off my bikini on the balcony of my hotel suite in Majorca. About three minutes after that pic' was taken, the bikini was lying on the floor of my bedroom and Xavier was balls-deep in my tight, smooth-shaven cunt, boning me for all he was worth - and most enjoyable that was too!
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Wednesday, September 19th 2018 View Blog
Pearls Ooze Sophistication.
Pearls are one of the nature’s best gifts to mankind and woman feel proud to wear and show it off. From time immemorial pearl has been considered as the symbol of wealth and prosperity and pearl jewellery has been associated and considered only as part of the rich and famous.

Pearls can ooze sophistication and class on women. Who can forget Princess Diana’s multi-strand pearl choker, with huge sapphire clasp worn above a decolletée black dress, or Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly and her ensemble of streaky blonde hair, dark glasses and pearl earrings?

Just remember guys, a pearl is a womans bestfriend!
Blonde36G (93) Escorts - Available Today - Click to book
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Wednesday, September 19th 2018 View Blog
Why Girls Love Diamonds.
1. Diamonds are the best and the most expensive jewellery of them all. With diamonds you simply cannot go wrong as you know they are the best of the best.

2. Diamonds offer different choices in shape, size, color, cut, etc. Girls simply love things that give them many choices, especially when it comes to jewellery.

3. Diamonds sparkle. And girls just love this sparkle, the bigger the sparkle the better.

4. Diamonds are connected with many different symbols such as love, devotion, aesthetics, beauty, etc.

5. Diamonds are one of the most ultimate fashion statements as it is almost impossible to go wrong with any piece of diamond jewellery.
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Wednesday, September 19th 2018 View Blog
Shopping Is A Pleasureable Hobby.
The more girls shop, the better they get at it and the more fun it is. We know where the bargains are, how to find them and when to look so it becomes a great way to spend some enjoyable time.

Why do girls shop? It is so much more than procuring necessary goods for sale for us - it's the thrill of the chase, the triumph of the score and the pleasure of enjoying the catch! So the next time your girl asks you to accompany her on that mall marathon, you can show off your understanding, along with those pumped up muscles, by toting her cargo trust me, the rewards will be great!

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