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Tuesday, August 14th 2018 View Blog
sleeping with my boyfriends best friend
I fucked my boyfriends best friend I have only known him for a while but I knew they were like brothers.
Since meeting him I knew I fancied him and the looks we gave each other were very intense. He also had a girlfriend so I thought it was just banter. Any way we had been drinking and my boyfriend wasn't with us so when we got back to his I thought I was going to sleep on the sofa... well he started rubbing the inside of my thigh this was getting me wet and warm then he started rubbing through my knickers and I got wetter and wetter, he then slipped a finger in and was rubbing my swollen clit I was getting aroused by this.
I unzipped his trousers and started playing with his thick Irish cock I could feel the pre-cum oozing out I then took him in my mouth omg he tasted good. He flipped me other for a 69 then I cum all over his face, I then climbed and straddled myself on him riding him hard like I couldn't get enough I just wanted to empty his balls inside me I wanted him to cream pie me which he did..
The next day I saw my boyfriend and before I could get into the shower he ended up licking me out and fucked me so I had two cream pies.. I am such a naughty girl but I enjoyed every second of it...
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Tuesday, August 14th 2018 View Blog
**New My first Week **
Heyyy Hunnies

This is my first ever blog - Another First!

My Name is Lou (KinkyblondeMILF)

Thought I would share a little about me as well as my first week on AW (well nearly a week).
It has been very fun and exciting
I have joined OTR ladies who are incredible, I have enjoyed getting to know them all on group chat.

I love to have a good time and a laugh, I'm always up for some fun, I also love a good film my favourite being Dirty Dancing :-)
I take pride in my appearance; I like getting my hair done, nails, eyelashes and all other girlie things.

On top of all that I'm a mom, housewife and have a full time job.

Anyway I just wanted to say HI!
Have a lovely evening

Lou! xxx
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Tuesday, August 14th 2018 View Blog
Summer '18

It has been sooo long since I last wrote anything up on here, sorry guys and girls =]

Well it has been a fantastic summer of fun and new experiences so far, I've had hot and cold glass dildos put in me which was
pretty interesting, word of warning, don't try one in the both, it pinches lol.

I had a fun time down Eastney beach with a client, was a very late night so we were the only nudists there hehe, we had great fun on the
waters edge and still managed to get sand in all sorts of places lol, we ran back to the car naked when we heard people up further and he
finished me off over the bonnet. Even found a shell in my clothes when i got home haha.

Cam has been great, lot's of playtime for me and I am having great fun with a few subs now who just can't resist Mistress V.

I have new toys and outfits and am doing a big wardrobe clear out, so if sexy dresses, shoes , panties etc are your thing , keep an
eye on the shop. Will be worn by me before sending if that's what your into ;]

Won't be long till the autumn approaches, I am In Pompey from now untill around October, hopefully if we haven''t met yet, we will do before then.

Hope everyone is feeling horny and well,

asiangentleman (211)
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Tuesday, August 14th 2018 View Blog
Real mental strength

Real mental strength is granted by self-awareness, rational and logical thinking, self-exploration and emotional self-control.

When a person reaches adulthood, mentally and emotionally, they gain the ability to self-monitor their thoughts, words, and behavior. That allows them to choose what is right and noble to them. They no longer need validation from other people, nor do they desire praise or subjective criticism.

A child can be educated (conditioned) with rewards and punishments or with praise and criticism because he doesn't possess proper judgment or self-awareness skills. However, an adult, who is presumably developed, mentally and emotionally, can separate the good from the bad, without needing the approval/disapproval of others.

Another interesting fact is that when we’re addicted to praise or criticism, we can be easily manipulated and influenced by others. In short, we end up following other people’s egotistic or egocentric needs and desires.

The adult person is independent, autonomous and self-contained in all respects. They can listen to other people's subjective opinions or feedback, but they will pass everything through their mental filter. If they receive valuable feedback, they politely give thanks; otherwise, they simply ignore it.
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Tuesday, August 14th 2018 View Blog
Very part time for meets
Hi guys
As always, it's been a while since I last wrote. I will get straight to the point as you may be wondering what the subject title is all about?
Well, I was plodding along quite happily, meeting a few lovely guys a week and continually loving working all my spare time on the webcam.... it's not actually 'work' but you get what I mean.
THEN, I had the Saturday from hell. I really don't want to go into detail as it is still very raw, and no doubt, my heartbreak will continue for the foreseeable. In the morning, I was notified that my wonderful brother in law had suddenly died of a heart attack. My beautiful younger sister's soul mate and best friend. He was only 38! They've been together 9 years and still crazy in love. It is devastating news and has rocked the whole family. I will be going to his funeral in Manchester, next Thursday. Whilst I am still trying to process the heartbreaking tragedy, I then get a phone call to tell me my mum has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. She has had dementia for a while now but this has come as a terrible shock.
I don't want to talk any more about these two nightmares, but over the last few days, it has made me think about my life again....why does it always have to be something tragic that makes me think seriously about 'stuff'.
Well, in a nutshell, for the time being, I will be seeing people on a very part time basis, so I apologise in advance if you can't always get to see me. AND I will only be seeing people for a maximum of half an hour. For those who know me well, half an hour is more than plenty to have fun. I plan on working on webcam more on a full time basis..... this is how it will be for now and I hope you lovely people will understand.
Please cum and have fun with me on webcam ;)
respect and thank you
best wishes
Sylvia x
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Tuesday, August 14th 2018 View Blog
Sex party
We had a very Sexy time with a lovely French Lady and her husband last Saturday. We met them at a sex party and took them back to our caravan for some intimate action. Started with lots of kissing and everyone touching everyone, nice and sensual. We played together for a few hours. Kayla had lots of fun sucking on the husbands cock as she loves deapthroating and received a fisting from Paul. Paul got his kick out of using our double strap on to DP the sexy minx along with doxy wand vibrator on her clit.

Later a Bisexual male friend of ours Joined us for a threesome in our caravan. We both thoroughly enjoyed sucking on his big cock and Kayla was filled up by him fucking her.

Later we played with another couple in the Swimming pool and back of the black cab.
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Tuesday, August 14th 2018 View Blog
Entering the pleasure palace
I’m doing my nails in between clients which is always a bad idea. They are finished and drying in plenty of time for the next appointment. I must admit it is really really nice to wear freshly done nails. They are so glossy and smooth and in one of my favourite blood red colours too. My nails match my raspberry eyeshadow and pink oriental short satin robe. A black lace bra and six strap suspender belt is showing underneath. This feels so sexy and inviting.

My next appointment likes me wearing feminine dresses. I’m unsure what to wear. I’m considering a salmon pink cocktail dress which leaves something to the imagination.

I have a few clothes laid out which need packing away. I’m itching for an excuse to change into my maids outfit with three layer ruffle petticoat. It feels so sexy when worn with a satin bra and knickers. Kneeling for a client and feeling his hands gently hold my spreading ass as he gently rubs his cock against me is such a turn on. I know what pleasure clients feel from rubbing their cock against smooth satin knickers stretching tightly over my ass. The hardness of a cock rubbing and pressing against me is unmistakeable.

My next client desires the full girlfriend experience. Being kissed and caressed and feeling a man’s warmth against me. Experiencing him have all the pleasures of my body and satisfying himself inside me is a pleasure all of its own and who am I to argue?

In the meantime I have been taking calls for more bookings. I like men wanting the sophisticated girlfriend experience from me. I also like how so many first timers find me seductive and feel comfortable and lying with me. Unlocking sensual and exciting experiences for men makes me want more.
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Tuesday, August 14th 2018 View Blog
The biggest cock ive had
The biggest cock I have ever fucked has got to be about 11/12 inches!!
I was on holiday and picked up a manager from a nightclub. He was tall but I didn't see the size of his feet or I would have known what I was in for!
I took his cock out his and it was massive and soft I was in shock. Erect it must have been 11/12" way to big for my tight pussy.
I think he got about 9 inches in it was incredible.
I couldn't walk the next day and have a very swollen pussy but I loved it XO
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Tuesday, August 14th 2018 View Blog
Five years a ho...
Gosh I hope that's the correct spelling, I'm not referring to myself as a garden tool, I am trying to say it's my five year anniversary of being a ho, you know, a lady of the night, escort or whatever you want to call it. It was a few weeks ago actually but I've been pretty busy, this hot weather brings all the boys to the yard (or flat in my case). Where did the time go! I guess I should edit my profile to 'experienced' or something similar, I'm pretty sure I'm more than qualified! Thankyou gents for all the fun, to the regulars I appreciate you all!

I've attatched some of my favourite photos from a recent trip to Chester Zoo. I've never been before, i love taking photos and animals so it was a great day out. The Zoo is so big I didn't get to see all of it so will have to go back again sometime. Had a wander round Chester too, that was nice.

Mama Mia! Has anyone been to see it yet? I suspect some of you may have been dragged kicking and screaming by your significant others! Well I absolutely loved it, you never know with sequels do you if there going to be any good, well it totally exceeded my expectations! I am currently playing the soundtrack to death in my bookings, let me know if you would like something more manly during our bookings. I love ABBA though!.

Just a heads up I will be finishing August 24th at 1pm and will be back 10th September at 9am.

Fully qualified escort of 5 years :) xxx

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Tuesday, August 14th 2018 View Blog
Roxysummner "Hot fucking and hot spunk"
Just had a relaxing day today with a couple of amazing bookings and one mammoth fuck from a really good friend there nothing better than to lay in your chill out clothes and feel the cum running out of you I had to rest Sunday but was in a lot of pain and I had my body busted in the gym on Saturday the best thing about training at 2am is the long day it leaves I feel I can get so much done working under the umbrella of my coach I have been swamped with requests for advice on power training bodybuilding and muscle gain which has surprisingly made some good profit this month already. I must pull myself around as I have a guy coming tonight and he usually gives me some good hard sex the fact I am dripping cum will turn him on he loves to eat spunk from my pussy and ass both of which have been well used today, I have a power session in the gym tomorrow with chest with forced and negatives and the negs are forced down against my resistance I am sure my beast loves to see the pain I go thro but he does not realise I love the pain and it make my pussy so wet so that will be fun I might even let him see before we leave the gym now time to eat I have chicken cottage cheese olives and cherry tomatoes a perfect light meal to fire me to fuck on, take care people I hope we will speak soon xXx

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