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Wednesday, September 20th 2017 View Blog
I need to vent....
London is great for work. Girls say. So why have I had the worst pot of luck EVER! First two nights, I book a room on a boat on the Thames. Stunning. BUT no fucking phone signal and you need a card to enter the floors with rooms. Meh....
Outcall. Great, taxi there. Wrong drop of! In the house with the client, getting all frisky and feeling kinky. Then his brother (house mate) comes home. Customer asks if I can go and come back. Really....
I'm horny. Are you kidding me....

Ok, so now I decide to walk to the DLR line 2 minutes down the road. I'm feeling like a big girl, all brave and proud that I'm working the lines out myself. This is a girl that can get lost in a single field. True story. No joke. Directions etc, not my thing. Anyway. I've gotten on the wrong bloody line. Piss take. I get of to try and revaluate my situation but instead want to put my head in my hands and cry. I can't work out these route for love nor money. Easy option taxi. Yes please.

So I book apartment to work from instead now. But when I went to sign the paperwork and take the keys it turns out to be a con artist. He's taken my money and done a runner. Leaving me with a key that doesn't belong to this property. I phone the company and apparently my guy, the real deal from this company was waiting round the corner from where I was and just headed back to the office because he thought I was a no show. Unbelievable.

So I've not been able to work from the first place, Second was a con and third.............. Ha let me tell you about the 3rd. I am creasing up thinking about it. I'll be honest, I'm a shopper and I love to spend money. So when I go away I take one bank card that holds not that much money on. It's my go to card in emergency's if I over spend the cash I have on me. So I delegate money before I leave my house. And make funds that I need as I'm on the move. Best and only way for my nest to grow safely. lol

Any hoo, Newham hotels we're all booked up unless I wanted to spend £1000's. I love this job but not enough to justify that. Well I found this 1 bedroom apartment. Photos looked ok. Looked workable and the price was fair for what it was. But big BUT....

There is a catch.............

you will never guess, I was shocked. NO GUESTS! I've paid for an apartment for 3 people, just because that covers my arse. And I'm not allowed one person in??? Huh WTF. To top the day of, I only find this out when my customer gets here to try and get in. How embarrassing. After the day I've had I wanted to fucking scream.

Lack of sex, money stolen. Loss of money. It's been a ball ache to say the least.

London, you are no longer my friend and I will not be returning to work here again. Shop, Yes. Work NO!
I've never known anything like it.
Rant over. Now someone please come fuck me too get me out this crabby mood!

Mel x

P.s I told you my life was crazy! ;)

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Tuesday, September 19th 2017 View Blog
Chastity blog #5, muffeled screams and pery dreams
*Day 13 in chastity. 15 days since last orgasm. 3 days since i last ejaculated*

I spent yesterday afternoon out of chastity because i had my son. When he was asleep, and i hadnt got 'dad hat' on, it felt wierd not to be cock locked.
But a plus is i can wear my nicer lace thongs, the ones i wouldnt want the guide pins to break!

*Day 14 in chastity. 16 days since my last orgasm. 4 days since last ejaculated*

I wolk up this morning (der deh der der derrrr blues riff)and immediately put on tumblr, i was oozing pre cum in an instant, was so hard, so strained, but not as painful. not sure why.

I am going visiting my brother and his family at the end of the month, cant wear CD for 5 days. so i will extend my chastity for a week to make up.

Have decided when i do my next chastity month (got the idea from tumblr), there will be daily edging again. But ONE ruined o aound day 14. a runed O whilst caged with a magic wand. Apparently very frustrating when this is done to you. Maybe a dildo up my arse too.

I have an interview this morning my suit trousers are tight and would show the guide pegs of the CD. ( i will be wearing my best black lace thong. will put it back on as soon as i get back home, for 3 hours b4 i get my boy. ATM i dont want to be uncaged un necessarily. At all.

Maybe next time i do this, a new partner Domme who has read this will take over, make it her own and adapt this to her views and desires... Dream on Dan. Dream on, dream on, with hope in your balls.. and you neeeeveerrr eeeedge aloooonnnneeee. youl NEEEEVEEEER edge.... alone lmao

Well, after then interview (uncaged) I cam home and immediately put on the back ring and set up the ice water. I decided to go further than ever, I baby oiled the hell out of my cock with timer set for 15 mins. then proceded to edge myself with the magic wand. I was oozing precum in seconds, I was aching so badly to cum. (apart from a quick interruption by my worried dog who thought I was in pain) I edged this way for 15 mins solid. I was whipering most of the time as I had never edged with my powerful magic wand before.

I took vids and pics and posted on here and twitter.

Then the timer rang. I screamed a bit as I dragged myself into the bathroom (still wanking my baby oiled cock and submerged it in ice water. a long muffled scream and a quick sob occurred. I watched my monster thick big hard on shrink down in 2 mins, watched it fight to stay hard. Then once it was small enough I fought to get it back in its cage. I felt so pent up, frustrated, hard done too (by myself!!!).

I went down stairs, frustrated and down and did chores for a few hours, with a brief tumblr break whilst cock locked. I wonder if my next partner Domme will torture me as bad as i torture myself?

I then took it off, washed it and put it away so I could go get my son, then dad hat took over. He is now asleep and I'm aching to be cock locked again.


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Tuesday, September 19th 2017 View Blog
A Naughty Secretary Will Always Blow Her Boss.
I love dressing up in uniforms and when I was thinking about my favourite uniform it just has to be the secretary one. I've been a good secretary lately and put in a lot of extra part time study time at my bosses company. He's been so helpful to me and I really believe he genuinely wants me to be able to open my mouth and form the correct shapes with my tongue! Not sure why he's so keen to help me but he does lean over me a lot and touch me all the time. He even let his hand accidentally go inside my panties yesterday but I quite liked it so did not push him away. I like having a boss, do you want to be my boss?
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017 View Blog
Self discipline needed
Today I had to remove my cage and ring, I know some people use cotton buds etc to get in and clean but I just wanted to ensure a good cleanse of both body and steel.

The temptation was overwhelming even after these few days. My cock was stood harder than I ever remember before I even got close with the sponge.
Then the stamina problem, the excitement of been free ensured I had only seconds at a time. I was on the point of orgasm and in delirium, it was that feeling which stopped me going further. I'm beginning to really understand the joy of bondage, albeit it self imposed. It was a feeling like a hundred orgasms, not physically, but an excited euphoria in my mind.

The removal also gave me a chance to have a shave. I've experienced pain in my genitals these past days but in a good way. But the pain of stubble rubbing all day had been driving me to despair. I I were owned I would have been begging my Domme for release from the irritation, promising anything and everything. It would be the thing which would make me obey every command and wait on every whim. I'm afraid it would also be a perfect punishment, no cane could be worse.

The downside of been fully freshened again, it's not possible to do a brilliant clean even through my steel ring cage, the aftermath of the excitement. It took an hour to settle enough to even refit the ring, a further hour for the cage. All this time been teased by a cock in dispute with my mind. I did resist and again felt euphoric at my effort. Maybe I need some to tie me down post cleansing to ensure my will does not break. Hopefully on day

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Tuesday, September 19th 2017 View Blog
More than sex.
I had such a wonderful date the other night, I want to share it, as, for me, it sums up my experience sex work.

A text tells me he is waiting outside in the car. Butterflies flitter around my tummy and I go downstairs, am discreetly given the fee and a huge bunch of flowers. We drive off.

Pulling up at the entrance of a fine Italian restaurant I get out and he tells me how beautiful I look and that he is glad I have become part of his life. His full of kind eyes and a soft deep voice. I melt a little.

I choose the veal and he orders the best red wine I have ever tasted. It is like sweet oak and cherries. Legs slide against each other under the table and I feel myself a little wet as his hand rests on my thigh. We order strong coffee and yummy ice cream.

After, we go to the cinema and I relish cosying my head against his arm as he gently touches me. Fingers exploring under my dress. The darkness hides all. When we leave I notice I vacate a damp chair.

At his home, malt whisky is poured, I taste peat and then his lips. Delicacy soon becomes passion. My dress and bra has gone. I barely noticed. I remember wanting him so much. Wanting to taste him. All of him.

In the bedroom he is the boss. No timidity. My body is moved to where he wants it, when he wants it. Pounding hard. My breath pushed out of me. My ankles end up on either side of his head. He shoves harder and we lock in intense eye contact. I am fucked with force. He owns me at that moment. I feel him cum hard. Collapsing bodies. Sweat. Gentle caresses. An hour of sleep.

We coffee and he drops me off back to my flat with a loving kiss.

Sex work can be gentle, warm, butterflies, care, kindness. Hot erotica and emotional care.

I am ever so glad to have this vocation.
To be gifted these experiences.

Sex work is work.
Sex work can be loving and caring.
Sex work can be what you make it.
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017 View Blog
Waste of my first time!!
So today was my first day at being an escort ever!! After plucking up the nerve to pop my escorting cherry I got myself all ready underwear, suspenders slutty dress high heels and travelled in my car to my destination! Shaking with nerves and excitement! I reached the hotel room receive a text. Before he let me in I had to go to the hotel toilets and lube myself up. Off I went and baby oiled my pussy so it was dripping all ready for his big hard dick. I sent the photo as proof of my tight wet pussy and was given the room number. There is stood all ready pussy dropping and knocked on the door! Surprise the room was getting cleaned by the cleaner and wasn't occupied! I was told it was my own fault for being a slut! I feel humiliated and out of pocket after travelling all that way and paying for hotel parking! Is this what I've let myself in for?? Should I give up already??
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017 View Blog
The Girl Who Rocks Red Lipstick.
There is just something about a girl who fearlessly rocks RED lipstick. And when I say RED, I'm not being exclusive to the literal color red (I wouldn't dare be so unimaginative) — I'm referring to the myriad of colors that fall into the unapologetically BOLD category. Your version of the “red lip” can be an intimidating, ever-luxurious purple, to a sexy velvet-textured crimson, to a berry so deep it reads almost black when lit by the soft glow of candlelight. We're going to break down why ladies, who rock these “in-your-face” lipsticks, absolutely, positively win at life and make for far superior lovers

1. She's not desperate to kiss you (which makes her so irresistible).
2. She has confidence oozing from every pore.
3. She's a classic beauty.
4. She prefers the finer things in life.
5. She's speaks her glorious mind.
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017 View Blog
Hello Gents,

What a beautiful day it is today, that lovely crisp autumn feel, and a touch of sunshine too, just lovely.

I am in such a good and happy mood today, as I woke up this morning to a lovely email from a really nice chap that I used to see fairly often, and who I particularly liked. "C" used to take me dancing, and for meals where we flirted like mad before retiring to his hotel room for loads of horny fun, he even went to an orgy with me and my husband once; and then he met a lady (outside of AW) and got serious about her, and I was so pleased for him but totally gutted from a personal perspective as he moved away from AW for quite a while.

This morning "C" messaged to say that he has missed being a bad boy and is back; I can only assume that things didn't work out with his lady, which is a shame, but it obviously wasn't meant to be. He lives some way from me, but it was so great to hear from him and I am so hoping that he "cums" to see me soon, or invites me to his, there's nothing like time and distance to really make things explosive again and I can't wait! He was so good with his tongue, that I nicknamed him Mr. Tongue!!!

I have a feeling I will be kept very warm this Autumn/Winter!!

Hope you're all having a loving day.

Love and kisses,

Lauren. XXXX
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017 View Blog
Women Like To Be Noticed.
Shopping is a woman thing! Women love Shopping, shopping malls and the later too, invites them with open arms! Shop till you drop seems to be the mantra! a.k.a or shall we say myntra! But have you ever wondered why women are crazy about shopping? It seems they can survive without eating and sleeping , but not without shopping. We love compliments coming our way – the more the better. And especially when it comes from men! An adorable compliment goes a long way to boost self confidence that often gets questioned in this fast paced life! Hence, this is very common in the workplace. Every woman wants to be the center of attraction. She wants to impress men with her new clothes, footwear, watches and purses. Every day she wants to look different and add newness to her style. She wants to be attired in her finest garments. After all, every beautiful woman has a right to get noticed!
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Tuesday, September 19th 2017 View Blog
Choosing The Right Path In Life.
Sometimes when I lay in my bed at night I think to myself what really is the meaning of life and where do we come from and where are we supposed to go? I think religion can be as good as it can be bad and ultimately it comes down to the individuals choice and being able to follow your heart and make what you think is the right choice, without harming others. I choose this path for my own reasons and I gain satisfaction by servicing peoples needs. I help people gain needs in a safe environment with the basic emotional and sexual needs. I enjoy my job as a lot of it is spent listening and talking. I don't see why society makes it so difficult for us to do a job, as long as we are sane and not hurting anybody. Why do we have to live in slight fear that we may get a knock at the door just because of the job we do? Anyway, enough of my rant for this morning? That's my thought for the day!

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