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UKMistressLara (1386) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Friday, March 16th 2018 View Blog
And so, to the next wonderfully slimy strain of the motley crew:


Now he doesn’t want to make a booking with you for a meeting. In fact, he has no intention, but he’ll call to have a chat about the session that you will have with him. He will also assure you that he's completely authentic, genuine, kosher blah blah blah. He’ll carefully guide the conversation to what he expects, in fact, TO WHAT HE WANTS, and will inform you how he wants to be disciplined. Listen out for heavy breathing, your words gradually falling on deaf ears while he's otherwise occupied, then suddenly you're disconnected as he drowns in a drop of smeg.

Oh! Mr Chat. If only your jabber had some meaning!

ML x
LittleSubJenny18 (49)
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Friday, March 16th 2018 View Blog


JASJOLEEN (33) Escorts - Click to book
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Friday, March 16th 2018 View Blog
Best of both worlds tights or stockings
Hope you like the PIC.
My regular visitor loves tights but also partial to the odd time with stockings. So simply the best of both with these pretty nude colour tights with imagines of stockings.
Lovely silky sheen to them and shows off nice tight rear end haha. He thoroughly enjoyed being the 1st to test them out, even if he did request something different and paid for the said product with big smile :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

In northeast at min, so sorry if you Jersey boys are on mobile allert but nice to hear yr voices all the same. Soon be in the Canaries so don't forget if you want those details for next week give me an e-mail. I guess if u have the time, the inclination and need a bit sun then come along for bit sexy fun.
Lv J.
sashalexxx (135) Escorts - Click to book Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call
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Friday, March 16th 2018 View Blog
Naughty Steve lets the TV Man in - Me in stockings
Oh my god was that fun !!!! .... the other morning me & steve decided to take some new pictures of me in 3 new outfits i have . We started at 8am & did the 1st outfit & then had a coffee break before i went to the bedroom to put the 2nd outfit on - a fabulous secretary outfit with a see thru black top & ultra short skirt & black sexy stockings .

I had taken the morning off doing bookings because sky tv were due to come just before lunchtime to fit sky q for us - steve had work to do on his pc as well that morning .

In the bedroom i had music on . I got changed in to the new secretary ouitfit then went back through to the lounge to find steve sitting on the soffa & a man from sky tv standing infront of him talking to him . I found out later that sky had texted steve to tell us the sky man would be there between 8 & 12 but steve hadnt told me & didnt shout me when the door buzzer went - i didnt hear it because of my music playing .

So - i went in the lounge with my new outfit on - the man from sky smiled at me as steve introduced me & said we were doing some pictures for fun ( not for aw of course ) . The sky man had a very good view of my tits because my top was very see thru & my skirt only came down to the top of my pussy lips so he could also see my pussy . I just smiled & said hi . Steve said ... " ok shal we do these pictures & let this man do our tv for us " .

2 mins later i went in to pose mode but i was also feeling naughty because i love showing off my sexy bits . I knelt on the soffa with my bum facing outwards - i could feel the tiny skirt ride up & as i looked over my shoulder i saw the sky man had stoped doing his work & was looking at my naked bum .

We did some fab pictures during the next 10 min's of me on the soffa & on the floor - most of them showed my pussy or bum but some did have me covering up a little . It did make me feel horny having steve take the pictures whilst the sky man worked & watched . Having a stranger look at your pussy & bum hole is very sexy .

When steve had finished taking the pictures i asked him & the sky man if they wanted a coffee - both said yes . I also asked steve what the next pictures would be - he said ... " just stockings but we can do them in the bedroom " . I then went out of the lounge & put the kettle on . 5 mins later i cam back in to the lounge with 2 coffees - i still had my secretary outfit on . Then i went to the bedroom again . 5 mins later i went back to the lounge with my coffee & me wearing just my stockings - the sky man said ... " i love that outfit " ... he had a big smile on his face as i sat down next to steve on the soffa .

We got talking about the pictures & the sky man said it was great to see 2 people so open about fun . I then said ... " it would be a lot of fun if we did some pictures of someone touching me - not showing faces or anything - just with fingers or hands on my sexy bits " . The sky man said ... " if you want a volunteer then i would love to as long as my face isnt shown " . Steve said it would make for some super sexy pictures .

We finished our coffees 5 mins later . I stood up with my bum towards the camera - the sky man put his hand on my bum cheeks . Then i turned round & he put his hand gently over my pussy then both hands on my tits . I felt so horny as steve took close up pictures of it all .

Then i went on all 4s on the floor & put my finger inside my wet pussy whilst the sky man put a finger on my bum hole - next i put my finger on my bum hole with the sky man putting a finger just between my pussy lips . He said ... " your pussy is very wet - feels amazing " .... i thanked him then told him to put his finger inside my pussy which he did & sort of fingered me a little as steve took the pictures .

I then lay on my back with legs wide open - the sky man put his hands on my tits but this time squeezed them a little before his hand went to my pussy & i felt his finger go inside me .

They were amazingly sexy pictures & i could see the slight bulge in his trousers as we took the pictures .

He was there fro around another half an hour sorting out the tv for us . We took some more pictures in the bedroom before we cam back through to the lounge before the sky man had finished - i was fully nude by then with just my heels on .

As soon as the sky man had gone steve took his trousers off in the lounge - his cock was fully errect . I said ... " i feel so fucking horny - lets go to the bedroom " .... we wnt out of the lounge but as soon as we were in our hallway i leant against the wall & told steve to fuck me there - which he did . It was so spontaneous . We fucked for around 10 mins in the hallway before steve came .

It was a fab way to take pictures that morning lol xx Sasha xx
Hornyat50 (9) Escorts - Click to book Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Friday, March 16th 2018 View Blog
Extreme beating
So it’s some time since I blogged. Busy with moving house and just generally a lack of time as well as lacking girls who will give me a sound spanking.

Anyway pretty young lady who is an experienced spankee but wants to develop her spanking skills more. Arrived at her house with some of my pretty lingerie under my jeans, silky smooth pink thong.

Led upstairs to her bedroom and told to strip... I love a littke cfnm especially when I’m in a littke lingerie. She was wearing a nice short dress just giving a hint of stocking top (perfect). She decided on matching thong and white stockings and suspender belt. Once dress I was instructed to go over her knee, my cock rubbing against her thigh I my satin thong as she warned up my bottom with a good long hand spanking. Down my thighs s littke and very erotic as it really doesn’t hurt. Then profession to the hairbrush which was much more what I desire. I like a littke sting. After a good twenty minutes with the hairbrush I was ordered to the corner. Knickers pulled down to my knees my cock throbbing as exposed.

Back over her knee (I did make sure my erect cock slipped between her stocking clad thighs). More hairbrush then she stood and with me laid on the bed started with her leather strap. Mmm delicious, this is what I wanted. Whilst only petite she was giving it all she could with full swings. I counted.. 50. Corner time.

Back for the cane, counted 50. I didn’t think I would be able to take 50 in one long beating but managed. Then immmrdiatly another 50 with her leather strap. I laughed as some were a little lighter than I like so she really made sure every stroke was full on and for my cheek I got twenty on my thighs (spread from the back of my knees up to my bottom) which did make me gasp.

Corner time, caning, paddle, hairbrush, leather strap. I only counted the leather strap and the cane and took 180 of both the cane and strap. I love my senior cane.

With some split skin I stopped her from beating me any more as frankly I no longer felt them. It always makes me laugh when after a good caning a girl slaps my bottom with her hand or belt. My bottomis so beaten it is like a feather tickling.

I’ve had more bruised but never so many full on strokes. We agreed next time more paddle and hairbrush to bruise more and s heavier strap. Can’t wsit, or rather I will until my bottom has cleared a little.

Oh I do love a pretty young girl thrashing me😀

MISS-Dakota_x (58) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book
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Friday, March 16th 2018 View Blog
Hello and happy Friday to all my lovely men...

I am sat here today thinking about all the married men that come to me to get what their wives don't give them at home!
I really don't know how men stay with such women that don't give them enough sex etc.... isn't life too short to be with somebody who doesn't understand your kinks, fetishes and wildest fantasies? in and out the bedroom!!?!?? isn't life too short to lay in bed BORED!?

but then again.. its fanstastic for me because I do like a married man.. I'm not a home wrecker.. my homes just better! HA.
parthetic boring wifes of 2018.. send your husbands to me.

not even just in a sexual way... someone to conversate with, understand and laugh with you and just generally enjoy life with is what you need. Someone whos also pleasing to the eye... (me)

I like older men... not for materialistic things but more for the maturity and stability. I'm not a sugar baby but boy do I taste sweet!

so while your wifes downstairs doing thee dishes or upstairs in bed asleep.. come to me and tell me everything... come and worship me seen as your relationships past its sell by date... I have lots of shelf life left in me!
lucky boys
Lots of love hugs kisses and laughs from me, Miss xxx
CaraUK (182) Performs on a Webcam - Click to Book Does Phone Chat - Click to Book or Call Does SMS Chat - Click to text
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Friday, March 16th 2018 View Blog
New X Rated Pictures!
Make sure you dont miss out my brand new X Rated pictures I have added today. Taken with HD camera and super erotic these pics will definitely have you heart racing, dont forget to cum over me :P

The pictures involve lots of pussy, hard nipple, POV up close tasteful shots with wet glimmers and lots of curvy poses! A mix of shadowed black and white and colour with lots of eye contact.


PS . If you do have any ideas for new pictures to be taken this week please let me know :D im always open to your horny requests
• Orkid • (133) Escorts - Click to book
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Friday, March 16th 2018 View Blog
Making The Most Of The Time I Have Left
As much as I'm well on my way to relinquishing my role as an escort, I don't think the reality has truly set in yet. There will come that day very soon that it will all be over, and the concept is quite scary; particularly as this is all I've really known for the better part of ten years or so.

My profile will disappear, I won't be taking work calls at all. It's just a very strange concept.

But for now, I'm just enjoying it all. And why not? Some of my older clients have come by to wish me farewell which is kind of making it more real.

I dunno....I think I'm rambling. But can you blame me? I've had some awesome times with work!

Just making the most of the time I have left.
Lusheslegs11 (3) Escorts - Click to book
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Friday, March 16th 2018 View Blog
Hi there
Hi guys working today till 2.30 then after 6ish just thought id let you know incase ya fancy some early weekend fun to start you off come check out my great ass sweet tasting pussy and app i have good oral skills why not try for yourself also no anal needed when ya pussy is as tight as mine to good to be true come check for yourself you wont be dissapointed im 100% white british im tall and slim with sexy curves what more do i need to say what ya waiting for give me a call xx xx
-Tantric in Essence- (0) Escorts - Click to book
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Friday, March 16th 2018 View Blog
Chrissie's March Updates :-)

Hi All,

Thankyou for visiting my new profile on AW. Yes it is

a new profile. Unfortunately my old one had a techie

problem so deleted it.. Reviews might take a while &

as I don't take bookings via AW, I'd appreciate some

patience on that. Most clients know Ive been around

for a while now & my reputation is very good..... My

place is clean, hygienic, & I only offer massage with

no mention of sx/o/rev o/or any other type of escort

services. And with that.. Times can be extended

or adjusted. Pls do give me lots of notice, as I rarely

take bookings on the day now. So pls book ahead xx

Finally... Tantric in Essence has a new private profile

& it should be on ggle very soon. If u need a mobile

til then pls email me via AW or other.. Pls remember

to give me yr number too.. as I ignore requests with

no mobile number provided for me to text back!

Thankyou for your time, hope to see you soon

Hugs, Chrissie xxx

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